Samsung Gravity 2 T469 Review

Samsung is already back with a successor to the side-sliding QWERTY handset – enter the Samsung Gravity 2 T469. Sporting a thinner profile, this messaging oriented phone has some upgrades over its predecessor while some design elements previously used are relatively intact...
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1. behold--me

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id rather get this than the comeback cuz the comeback has that tiny little screen like the env2 and the gravity has a better camera

2. phone-nerd101 unregistered

THIS FONE SUCKSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I have had 3 of them already! All of them have screwed up! The picture i hrrible, not to mention when you slide it back itdoesnt change the landscape! Even crappy fones do that! People txt me and I NEVER receive them sometims! People say they call me, but I never got the call! Somtimes I won't send my messages it just keeps on sayin sending, sending, sending, until I exit out! And every time I go back and try it again it still won't do it! And the next day my friends are like " Why did you keep sendin me the same message?" Sometimes when I slide it bck it gets frozen! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAPPY FONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Eh. unregistered

You were wrong on one thing about the review.. you can play music while texting, surfing the web, etc. You have to go to settings and click Background Playing on.. Though you do have to go back to the music player to change to a song you like if you want to.. Side Note: To quit the music player on the home screen, press END and a prompt should pop up saying "Stop Music Player".. if you dont want to listen to music anymore click yes.. lol thought I would bring that up..
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