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Samsung Giorgio Armani Review

Samsung Giorgio Armani

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Home screen - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Home screen - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review

Home screen

Samsung Giorgio Armani is one of the first non-smart phones of the brand that utilizes a touch-sensitive display. Just as the F700 which we previewed earlier, it uses the Croix-named interface. Unlike the bigger model, this one comes with color scheme to match the whole design and additionally is slightly personalized, so there are minor differences. The color scheme uses a few shades of the gold-like color, which looks way more up-to-date than the PRADA's black and white. As we are acquainted with Samsung’s line, we are not surprised seeing that it shares much with the standard software used in other phones, including the G800, G600 and the Ultra series for example. It is different, optimized for finger-based input through the display, but still is very similar, personalizing predefined modules.

All information and buttons on the home screen are visualized over semi-transparent black background so they can be seen no matter the background image. The Armani phone comes with a selection of great looking wallpapers but if you cannot decide which one you like most, there is Random option which will load different one each time the homescreen shows.

The top line houses icons for the service information and below it there are three shortcuts: silent mode on/off, menu, and dial pad. Rather strange solution is that in order to (de)activate the silent mode, one has to hold its key unlike the others that must only be touched, but this is with the idea to avoid doing it accidentally. In the middle is the button for the shortcut menu and below is either big calendar or a clock - in order to switch from one to the other, the user must slide its finger from the one side to the other. The shortcut menu is activated by the key in the middle and houses nothing but four of the icons from the main menu and one to it. We see no use of it, as it is hard to guess the meaning of each button from the icons, if you don't know them.

Shortcut menu - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Main menu - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review

Shortcut menu

Main menu

The main menu is displayed as a grid of 3x4 icons, with the current selection pointed by horizontal and vertical lines, crossing at it. If you sweep a finger over the icons those lines will move but the problem is that once you tap on icon it will take some time (about a second) for the animation, which although well looking is rather boring once you get used to the phone. Once you actually tap, a slight vibration will indicate this has happened. This is instead of the tactile feedback you would receive from most standard hardware keyboards and can be set at one of three intensity level or can be turned off.

Once you are in the menu, a line with three buttons appears in the lowest part of the display. The left and right button will act as the soft keys on almost all other phones, while the one in the middle always leads to the shortcut menu - something we find redundant.

The sub-menus are visualized as vertical list. If the fields are more than five (which can be showed at the same time) scrolling is done by vertical sweep over the display. That menus look very plain but the custom font reminds us this is not a plain phone. As other Samsungs, the menus have "memory" and will point to the selection you've lastly used.


Although this phone isn't targeted as "smart" one, we are rather disappointed that Samsung hasn't used its best phonebook software module, but the simple one found on most other models. It allows for up to 1000 contacts with multiple numbers but without the option to add fields different than the preset. Searching is possible only by the first name.

Phonebook management - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Phonebook management - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Phonebook management - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Phonebook management - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review

Phonebook management

Samsung Giorgio Armani Review

The Dialing screen is one of the shortcuts on the home screen. It visualizes a virtual numeric keypad with numbers only (no letters), an area where numbers are visualized, and three buttons: Clear, Add to contacts and Go to contacts. The keypad works almost as a normal flat one, but lacks any kinds of feedback which is rather strange, considering the haptic (vibration) options.


The Organizer is very similar to that of other Samsung phones. Almost all of its functions are in the Applications menu. Here are the simple Memos that are limited to 1000 characters. The voice recorder can be limited to size, suitable for MMS or Email, or up to 1 hour. Here also are the World Clock, the Calculator, the unit Converter, the Timer and the Stopwatch which perform just as their names say.

Memos - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Voice recorder - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Calculator - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Unit Converter - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review


Voice recorder


Unit Converter

The Calendar and the Alarm are as separate icons in the main menu. The calendar can be previewed for month/week/day and has settings for Starting day and Default view. An entry can be added as Appointment/Anniversary/Task. The fields allow for Title, Description, Start/end time/date, Location, Alarm (before XXX min/hour/day) with repeat option.

Calendar - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Setting an appointment - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Alarms - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review
Alarm set - Samsung Giorgio Armani Review


Setting an appointment


Alarm set

There are four alarms by default but you can create six more. Each one can have different time, melody and recurrence options. The phone can be set to auto power for alarm, if it is shut off.

The Armani phone has about 60MB of integrated memory but it can be increased by microSD cards. The best way to use it is to store the camera photos on the internal memory and music and video files on the memory card.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. amar (unregistered)

the ultimate in slick gangsta theis fne is awesome no better looking fne then this at the moment although the 8800 arte might have to say something beautiful armani and samsung combo many people say copy of prada but it might be based n that but armani has made it better along with samsung size and features

posted on 31 Jan 2008, 21:09

2. .... (unregistered)

No way.. Absolutelty useless. this phone is slow and unreliable. i text constantly and after texting once on this phone i gave up. not recomended for people with nails as screen does not respond to much. came up with messages such as "are you really exit" and "are you retry" your paying for the name not the phone. stick to usual makes. took mine back the next day after purchase.

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 12:33

3. jpvenkatesan (unregistered)

it is 100%true that totaly useless phone..speed very very slow,but design and outlook very nice..

posted on 09 Jul 2008, 11:58

4. Kathy D' (unregistered)

DON"T BUY THIS PHONE!!!! The phone drops calls, shuts off automatically, try to make a call...find the screen and if hit that key to get the screen you get the menu...instead. The WORST phone ever...so what it's a designer...SUCK...if my husband didn't spend alots of $$$$ for it I would of boxed it and put it away.....

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