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Samsung Galaxy mini 2 Preview

0. phoneArena posted on 20 Mar 2012, 09:51

We checked out the Galaxy mini 2 at MWC 2012 and it was not too shabby considering its entry-level nature. Now, however, it is time to give it a more thorough examination. What we have here is a prototype version of the Samsung Galaxy mini 2, which, although a bit crude and unpolished, can give us a general idea as to how the device performs in real life...

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posted on 20 Mar 2012, 09:57 2

1. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4328; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

I don't like the TFT LCD screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs down SAMSUNG!!

posted on 20 Mar 2012, 10:06 3

2. kshell1 (Posts: 1143; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

You can't expect samsung to put a high end panel on every phone they release, for a entry level device this is quite nice and will fit most peoples needs just fine

posted on 21 Mar 2012, 13:47

7. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4328; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

I don't think AMOLED is high END any longer!!!

posted on 20 Mar 2012, 11:19 1

3. the_s2 (Posts: 239; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

Well, did you expect a Super Amoled plus HD panel?

posted on 21 Mar 2012, 13:48

8. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4328; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

Expect?? Don't people expect better things??
Don't you?

posted on 21 Mar 2012, 13:48

9. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4328; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

Not talking about an HD screen!!

posted on 20 Mar 2012, 15:35

4. andro. (Posts: 1999; Member since: 16 Sep 2011)

The Galaxy mini was a very high seller despite its basic display as it was generally priced around the 90-100 euro mark,the mini 2 is an improvement on that so if its priced as competitvely people buying won't be complaining about not having super amoled screens etc.

posted on 20 Mar 2012, 23:27

5. buyhonest (Posts: 1; Member since: 20 Mar 2012)

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posted on 21 Mar 2012, 03:36

6. gmp009 (Posts: 13; Member since: 27 Feb 2012)


posted on 21 Mar 2012, 14:33

10. kashifkk (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Mar 2012)

Nice Cell Phone In Middle rang Good Thing is 4gb Internal Memory i am with that :)

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 06:24

11. samboycott (Posts: 11; Member since: 19 Jan 2012)

Apart from some generic issues likebattery and touch pad and WiFi, this phone has typing issues, you cannot tyoe a single line without errors in every word.
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posted on 09 Apr 2012, 08:50

12. surajitrath (Posts: 1; Member since: 09 Apr 2012)

When will it be available in Kolkata market and what will be it's price in INC?

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