As we said, the Samsung Galaxy Tab can do voice (and video) calls over a mobile network, which is a great thing, of course (after all, phones rock). It works without a hitch, but of course, you'll have to hear your callers through the loudspeaker (having an earpiece would have been weird, no doubt). So you'll either have to put up with it, or get yourself a decent handsfree.


Overall, we have pretty high hopes for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is no doubt a wonderful device, which, along with the Apple iPad and the other tablets soon to come out, redefines the meaning of the mobile computer. It's simply way more portable and intuitive to use. Of course, we don't question the fact that you can still do a lot more on a normal laptop, but netbook days sure seem to be coming to an end now. It all depends on how quickly developers will write capable software for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to position itself on the forefront of the new tablet market, with only the iPad to compete with it as of now. Both tablets are pretty much neck and neck right now, with the iPad having the advantages of being first, a bigger screen, as well as more and better software, while the Galaxy Tab offers you the full-blown web with its Flash Player 10.1 support, built-in camera and phone functionality. Only time will tell how things will develop, while we witness the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Tab in the middle of September. For now, the Samsung Galaxy Tab sure does look like a promising tablet for those users who need a more pocketable device. In the final analysis, we expect it to be quite successful as it features all that is needed and more, while the Apple iPad has already proven that there's a market for tablets, and it's hungry.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Video Preview:

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