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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch Review



The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is far from a photography-oriented device, but it does have both a rear and a front-facing camera.

The camera app is very quick to open which is great for impromptu shooting. The interface is the same we’ve seen in so many Samsung devices before the Galaxy S4. It offers a lot of manual adjustments and settings, and is generally well made, but does not feature the nice and plentiful shooting modes as in the latest S4s.

The main camera, a 3-megapixel fixed-focus one, sounds like a pretty basic shooter, and it’s by no means anything revolutionary, but it surprised us with its speed and quality. Using a fixed focus camera means there’s no time lost auto-focusing, but in exchange this also means that objects up close (10 inches and closer) cannot be focused on and appear blurry. The actual image quality lacks a bit in detail, but turns out surprisingly good with no overblown, but instead accurate colors, good exposure and some dynamics that we are not used to seeing from cameras in this price range. All in all, apart from the lack of detail and occasional slight lack of sharpness to the images, they look perfectly fine for sharing on the web.

The 3-megapixel camera can also record video. By default, footage is recorded in 720 x 480 pixel resolution, but if you actually go into settings you can change this and turn it up to 720p video. This comes with a huge different in the focal length as it changes drastically in 720p appearing as if you were shooting with a telephoto camera lens (very zoomed in so you have to move away from your subject to be able to capture it in its full size). This is quite strange and makes 720p recording not very practical as usually one does not have the space to move that far to adjust to the subject. In 480p, the focal length is normal and you can shoot larger objects without having to move away. Video is recorded at 30 frames per second in both resolution and is smooth in both cases, but recordings turn out much sharper and generally better looking at 720p, of course.

We appreciate that Samsung also includes a front-facing camera as it seems to be of crucial importance for a tablet, a device that people often use for video calls. It’s a 1-megapixel front shooter with very basic quality lacking detail and sharpness, but still usable for video conferencing.


A 7-inch tablet is the perfect sidekick to keep you entertained on trips and you can watch movies in virtually all formats. The Galaxy Tab 3 does not surprise with anything - it’s got the typical rich in features Samsung video and music players.

The stock Samsung video player managed to play all video formats and codecs we threw at it at a much higher resolution than its native 1024 x 600 pixels. We managed to even play back 1080p clips with ease.

The music application sorts your catalog by songs, artists, albums and genres, and neatly it has a by-folder view. You can also fine-tune your music experience with presets, but there is no full-on manual equalizer.s

One thing that we love about this device is the sound output via the two speakers on the bottom. It is very good: impressively loud and it even has some depth to it.

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