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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) LTE Review

Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) LTE 7.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) LTE Review

With the built-in 4000 mAh battery on board, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) was able to last us 2-3 days with mixed usage before requiring a charge. But for heavy users, a nightly charge would be required. Just keep in mind it uses a 30-pin cable instead of a standard microUSB cable, so if you charge from multiple locations, you’ll need to purchase extra cables.


Overall, for $350 the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) from Verizon is a good quality tablet that offers the extra ability of using the carrier’s 3G/4G data network, instead of just being limited to Wi-Fi. The tablet has
plenty of power under the hood with its 1.2 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor that runs Android ICS and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI without a hitch, but we do wish the display was higher resolution so text and images would look sharper, especially when viewing web pages. It is a good value if you must have the built-in 4G, but if not, we would rather recommend the Nexus 7.

Software on tested device:
Android 4.0.4
Baseband Version: I705VRLG3
Kernel Version: 3.0.8-720512-user
Build Number: IMM76D.I705VRALG3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Video Review:


  • Lowest price 4G tablet for Verizon
  • Android 4.0.4 ICS
  • IR Blaster


  • Screen resolution isn’t the best
  • Poor camera quality
  • Uses a proprietary 30-pin charging/data cable
PhoneArena rating:
7.5 Good
User rating:
Not rated

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posted on 27 Aug 2012, 06:25

1. hung2900 (Posts: 965; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

S4 processor! What a huge distance over the international version with only + $50 in price (3g international dualcore TI 4430 priced $300). It should be Tab 2 7.0 Plus (though it's a horrible name) rather than an LTE updated version only.

posted on 16 Oct 2012, 23:40

5. Leonard-Davis (Posts: 5; Member since: 13 Mar 2012)

This device has an amazing feature set for the price point. I own the iPad 1 and the current iPad, and my beefs with them are lack of expandable memory and no flash. This little device has both, although you must download the flash app from the google store first for it to work. The IR blaster set up easily with my Sony TV, and I love the TV guide that is in the Peer app.

The Kindle app gives a very clear text display. There is photo editing and even a cute little movie making app on here! Polaris office is good. I love the keyboard because the numbers are set above the letters like a regular keyboard. Dictation works great. No problems with WIFI here. My only disappointment is that the screen display lacks the vibrant color of other Samsung devices, but some people might prefer that.

The display is adequate for most purposes, and you can set the font size to large, which helps with text. Pinch and zoom is smooth. The only app I find unacceptable is Facebook for Android. The text is very small and fixed. You cannot zoom it, so I can read it easier on my phone than on here. It looks better by going through the web browser, but still won't zoom. Other web pages are easily enlarged.

There is a slight lag sometimes while scrolling, but you can open multiple pages with tabs, which the original iPad lacks. The speakers and volume are better than you will find in most laptops and netbooks and other tablets. Screenshots are so easily done that you have to be a little careful not to hit that button accidentally. If you install the "active applications" or program monitor widget, you can monitor what is open, and shut apps down periodically to save battery.

Bluetooth works great, and will accept my Apple devices, but the Apple devices won't accept my Samsung devices. Unfortunately, it's my understanding that the adapter to load pictures from an SD card does not work with this device. I got the sleeve for the 7.0 and it fits well and doesn't add a lot of bulk. I just wanted something to protect it when I threw it in my purse.

*Note, I suggest check for best deal of this tablet before you will buy it at: Androidtabletbuy.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/samsung-​galaxy-tab-2-wi-fi/

For me personally, I prefer the 8.9 size and screen, but it costs more and does not have expandable memory.

posted on 27 Aug 2012, 08:19

2. slavytodorov (Posts: 48; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

SAMSUNG Nexus 7?!!! Serioulsy?!!!!!!!!!! :O

posted on 27 Aug 2012, 10:50

3. fenixsama (Posts: 32; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

no sms, call quality??

posted on 23 Sep 2012, 10:00

4. robocopvn (Posts: 448; Member since: 10 Mar 2010)

OMG, S4 outperforms TI OMAP 4430 obviously !

I'm not familiar with US carrier, does Verizon run on GSM or CMDA can anybody tell me please ?

thank you !

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Display7.0 inches, 1024 x 600 pixels (170 ppi) Super PLS LCD
Camera3.2 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, Dual-core, 1200 MHz, Krait processor
Size7.63 x 4.82 x 0.41 inches
(194 x 122 x 10 mm)
12.2 oz  (346 g)

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