Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6


Battery life

Keeping the show going on in the Galaxy S8 is a 3,000mAh battery that has gone through an 8-point battery check in order to, you know, avoid a new conundrum of Galaxy Note 7-like proportions. We really hope Samsung has learned from its past mistakes, but the most important aspect of all is, of course, battery life. We put the Galaxy S8 through our custom battery test, and the S8 lasted for 8 hours and 22 minutes. Fast and wireless charging solutions have also made the cut on the Galaxy S8. How fast does it charge, though? It took the phone exactly 100 minutes to go from zero to hero, which is a rather good result.

Meanwhile, the G6 carries a relatively large 3,330mAh battery considering the phone's overall size. But the important question is – how long does this one last for? The LG G6 endured for 6 hours and 20 minutes in our battery test. Not bad, but not ground-breaking either. The US version of the phone sports something that we really appreciate, and that's wireless charging. Qualcomm's QuickCharge 3.0 is also present on the G6, which allows the flagship to go from 0 to 100% in 102 minutes.


No doubt about it – these two are the best of the best Android devices on the shelves at the moment. Both Samsung and LG have put their hearts in the respective flagships and the results of that are visible – there's hardly an aspect in which either phone disappoints or fails.

Truth is, no matter which one you go for, you are rather unlikely to get disappointed to the point of wishing you could reverse time and grab the other device. There are certain aspects in which the Galaxy S8 emerges victorious by a margin, as in display quality, battery life, and design, but rest assured the G6 holds its ground in terms of overall ease-of-use, plus it has that neat dual-camera at the rear.

In the end, pricing would likely determine whether you'd purchase a shiny new Galaxy or a neat G6 – LG's offering retails a bit cheaper across the major US carriers, which might just be enough to balance things out between these two rivals.

Samsung Galaxy S8


  • Fancy exterior design
  • Slightly better camera
  • More convincing software design



  • A bit cheaper without compromising much
  • Versatile wide-angle camera lens


  • Options

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