Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy Note 5


Call quality

For the past years, the call quality of Samsung phones has been consistently good. Voices through the earpiece sound loud and articulate, and the microphone delivers our message clearly. The Galaxy S8+ has a slightly smaller slit of a speaker grille, which will require you to be a bit more accurate when placing it over your ear, but that's hardly a dealbreaker.

Battery life

The Note 5 rocks a 3,000 mAh battery, while the Galaxy S8+ has a 3,500 mAh juicebox. Both have large, and very crisp AMOLED screens, and different hardware, so how much stress do they put on their cells?

In our use of both phablets, we've found that they can easily last about a day and a half with medium usage. The Galaxy S8+'s standby time is definitely affected by the Always On display feature, so we'd recommend keeping it off when you need to last longer between charges. With both phones, you can rely on fast charging to give you hours worth of juice in a matter of minutes.


Both the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 5 were built to be the most advanced and most premium-looking handsets that Samsung is capable of producing at their respective times of release. For that reason, the S8+ is a futuristic-looking piece of mobile technology, which will definitely have lots of users throwing money at it. But it's also the reason why the Galaxy Note 5 has aged very well.

The old phablet still performs well, has a gorgeous-looking screen, a great camera, the latest software, and a UI, which looks and feels modern. It also has the Samsung-made stylus — the S Pen — which is pretty much unrivaled when it comes to smartphone pens.

That said, the Galaxy S8+ outdoes the old phablet in every category — from design to hardware, to future-proofing, and most probably resale value as well.

The reasons you'd want to go with the Note 5 instead of the Galaxy S8+ are: the S Pen stylus, the non-weird 16:9 display ratio, the much more traditional flat screen shape (easier to find and apply screen protectors?), the front-placed fingerprint scanner and physical home button. You will save a few hundred bucks and will get a pretty decent device, despite it being past its prime.

That said, the S8+ has the faster hardware, better camera, waterproofing, microSD card slot, and wins the bling contest without a drop of sweat on its shiny body. Needless to say, if you are a smartphoneacholic, this is the device for you.

Samsung Galaxy S8+


  • Beautiful design
  • Tall display is great for text / Internet browsing / split screen
  • Has expandable storage
  • Water- and dust-proof

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


  • Conventional display (flat, 16:9)
  • Cheaper
  • S Pen
  • Front-facing, hardware home button / fingerprint sensor



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