Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Call Quality

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Voices in the Galaxy S8+ earpiece sound a tad stronger and clearer than on the iPhone 7 Plus at comparable volume settings, despite the one on the larger iPhone moonlighting as an amplified stereo speaker. The noise-canceling mics of the iPhone also made the timbre sound a bit more digitalized than those of the S8, but in general the differences were minimal, and both phones handle their talking bits pretty well, though not as exemplary as their price tag would suggest.

Battery Life

Both get you through the day, but the Galaxy is much faster to charge up

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

At 3500 mAh, the Galaxy S8+ has a larger battery than the iPhone 7 Plus' 2,900 mAh pack, but the high-res display hangs over the Galaxy's battery life like the sword of Damocles, so it mustered an hour shorter on-screen time during our grueling battery benchmark. Still, those eight hours or so mean that the S8+ will easily get you through the day, unless you are playing Pokemon Go all the time. A weekend away from the charger, however, will be problematic. Where the S8+ excels is charging speed, as it takes less than two hours to top it up, while the iPhone needs more than three hours. Wireless charging is also available on the S8+, and it is the fastest of its kind, taking about two hours from zero to a full charge with Samsung's official charging stands.


Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus design, in its third year, is getting a bit long in the tooth, and it shows next to that flashy bezel-buster, the Galaxy S8+, and all of its curves. The S8+ doesn't really offer more screen real estate, though, and letterboxes apps and videos made with 16:9 ratio in mind, so its elongated, narrow chassis serves mostly aesthetic and ergonomics purposes for now.

Since the 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus is $870, and the 64 GB S8+ blasts off at $850, but offers memory slot, pricing is roughly on par, so what does one offer before the other for this kind of dough? Well, the iPhone 7 Plus' advantages hover around its dual camera and dual speaker setups, which provide superior zooming and depth-of-field photography, as well as better sound output. The Galaxy S8+ hits back with faster focusing abilities and some low-light advances.

When it comes to software, the iOS 10 edition on the iPhone may not be as feature-rich, but feels faster, and has a dizzying amount of quality apps and services to tack on. The Galaxy S8+ feels newer and shinier, though, plus it offers much faster charging and download speeds, and a higher screen resolution if you are a VR nut. If you are firmly entrenched in the iOS universe, the iPhone 7 Plus and its zoom-y dual camera remain the best you can get there. If you get sold on the shimmering Infinity design of the new Galaxies, however, all bets are off, as the S8+ might be love at first sight, albeit for the novelty factor alone.

Samsung Galaxy S8+


  • Easier to handle beaut with top screen-to-body ratio
  • Fast recharging, both wired and wireless
  • 1Gbps LTE speeds support
  • High-res, HDR-certified display
  • Feature-rich interface
  • Autofocus front camera

Apple iPhone 7 Plus


  • All games and videos fit the 16:9 display
  • Optical zoom and excellent Portrait mode
  • Richer app and entertainment services ecosystem
  • Stereo speakers
  • Better battery life



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