Samsung Galaxy S7 Lens Cover Review

Image quality and when to use the lenses

What about image quality?

It’s good, but not without issues. The main benefit of the lenses is the versatility they offer and the possibility to shoot from more convenient physical distance from the object. However, in purely technical image quality terms, they come with some compromises: there are artifacts noticeable on images and softer detail towards the edges.

The 110-degree wide-angle lens is the smaller of the two. Why and when do you need to use it? Wide-angle images create a sense of more space, so if you’re trying to take a picture of, say, a large group of people within a tight room, the wide-angle lens will allow you to fit more into the frame. To achieve this, however, wide-angle lenses happen to bend straight lines and make pictures look somewhat unrealistic: though in some cases, that could be a sought-after effect. The objects closer to a wide-angle lens also appear contrastingly bigger than those further towards the background.

Then, there is the telephoto lens with 2x magnification. It’s a great tool for taking portrait shots and pictures of objects. It keeps all lines straight and the image looks realistic: a portrait picture on a wide-angle lens - in stark contrast - draws faces with unflattering, large noses, while a telephoto lens preserves the delicacy of human facial features. It also allows you to shoot from distance, so when you’re taking pictures of people, you can avoid the situation of sticking a phone right in front of their face.


At a price of $150, we feel that this set is a bit on the pricey side for most users, though there aren't really that many alternatives if you're looking to augment your smartphone photography experience.

The big question is whether these lenses allow you to capture better pictures with your phone? The simple answer is 'yes, definitely, if you know how to use them properly'.

The lenses perform mostly well: technically, image quality comes out a bit softer and with less detail than with the built-in camera lens alone, but for non-perfectionists, the versatility offered by these lenses makes up for those issues.

We are not happy with the containers in the lens - just get a small pouch to carry them, and we wish they had a snap mechanism for an easier and more reassuring mounting. Still, for smartphone photo enthusiasts, the Galaxy S7 Lens Cover is a fun product that unlocks the doors to more creative and ambitious photography.


  • Excellent build quality of the lenses
  • The case that comes with them is very comfortable and well-made


  • Containers are not comfortable at all, especially if you change lenses often
  • There is no ‘lock’ mechanism to ensure the lenses are properly positioned

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