Upon launching the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini we're presented with an interface that's cleaner and simpler than what we're used to seeing on Samsung smartphones. That doesn't mean we have less knobs and dials to flip, however. The UI comes with built-in filters and shooting modes, including Night shot, HDR, Beauty Face, Burst mode at a rate of three images per second, and more, all of which may come in handy. Besides, panoramic photos, composed of multiple images, are stitched very well.

The smartphone's main camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels and an LED flash is present to assist in low-light situations. Outdoor photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini look okay overall. They aren't going to blow anyone's socks off, but the images are still very pleasant to look at, with neutral color representation and sufficient amount of detail. Digital noise is present indeed, but it is within tolerable levels. Indoor shots are much noisier, of course, so they are of noticeably lower quality.

Videos can be captured at 1080p resolution with the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and they look very good, as long as enough light is present. The sound captured, however, is of average quality.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Outdoor Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Indoor Sample Video:


Nothing new to see, folks! The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini comes with the same music player app found on the Galaxy S4 flagship. We find nothing wrong with that, of course, as the app is loaded with features like the mandatory home screen widget and lock screen controls. Besides, there's an equalizer with tons of presets, and if that's not enough, the Adapt Sound feature can adjust the phone's sound reproduction according to the user's hearing.

There is a single speaker located on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. It gets the job done, and while it doesn't crackle even at the highest volume setting, we still wish that its volume output was a bit louder.

The stock video player can play back smooth, detail-rich 1080p video in multiple file formats, with the exception of QuickTime (MOV) and DivX. With 4.3-inches of real estate, the screen on the Galaxy S4 mini is suitable for watching the occasional YouTube video and maybe even an episode or two of House. Samsung's Pop up Play feature is supported, meaning that videos can be played in a window hovering above the UI.

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