Unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active camera interface comes loaded with all the features found on the Galaxy S4 – features like Drama, Animated Photo, HDR, and Eraser. These allow one to take awesome photos with minimum effort, or just take out unwanted objects out of the frame using the latter. On top of that all, Samsung has thrown in the so-called Aqua Mode, which is meant for taking clearer photos and videos underwater. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and its 8MP main camera, one can take good-looking photos in a wide range of circumstances, although some scenes could prove a little tricky to capture well. Colors are snapped accurately, without being too dull or too saturated, but details in darker scenes are noticeably fuzzier than we wish they were. The dynamics range also leaves room for improvement. Shooting indoors is not a problem as long as there's decent source of light nearby, but in dim light, colors are inaccurate and digital noise is very noticeable.

Naturally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active can shoot 1080p video. It is smooth and detailed when taken in broad daylight, but low-light videos can be noisy and out of focus for brief moments.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Indoor Sample Video:


Samsung's music player comes pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and it gets the job done well. It sorts music by album, artist, or song name and can browse audio files folder by folder. An equalizer with tons of presets is also present, but even better results can be achieved using the Adapt Sound feature, which adjusts audio playback according to the user's hearing.

With all that processing power at hand, it comes as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active handles 1080p video flawlessly. And yes, it looks great on the smartphone's large 1080p screen. The video player can work with subtitle files and supports Pop up Play, allowing video to be played back in a window. A neat trick is that the power key gets disabled while video is playing, preventing accidental presses.

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