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Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 4S

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Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 4S
The iPhone 4S proved to be a bit more inconsistent with its sounding during phone calls, while the GS III really impressed us with the loud and relatively clear tones emitted through its earpiece. Both handsets sound very good on the outgoing end. The Galaxy S III again has a slight edge thanks to its flawless noise-cancellation technology, which eliminates pretty much any ambient noise.

On the other hand, the Apple iPhone 4S's loudspeaker does sound louder and clearer compared to the one of the Galaxy S III, which is on the weaker side.

The iPhone 4S is rated to provide 8 hours of 3G talk-time, as well as 8.3 days of stand-by. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn't announced any specific numbers regarding the battery life of the Galaxy S III. With moderate use, you should be able to get about 2 days out of the Galaxy S III, while the iPhone 4S may last slightly longer, due to the more power-efficient software and smaller screen. With heavy usage, you'll hardly get more than a day from the Galaxy S III, and a day and a half from the iPhone 4S. However, this is all hypothetic, as the battery life of a smartphone depends on numerous factors, including coverage, how much time you spend connected to a 3G/4G network and how much to Wi-Fi, what apps you use, etc., etc., so don't give it too much thought.


As we stated in the beginning, this is one of those fights which could last for an eternity, because each of the opponents is the best in its own way. However, as we break things down, it should become clear to you which way you want to go.

There shouldn't be any doubt that the iPhone 4S is the better-designed handset. With striking visuals and premium written all over it, this is a phone that you won't be embarrassed to put on the table. Quite the contrary, you might want to put it there, as it has turned into a status symbol. The design of the Galaxy S III, on the other hand, caters to the needs of the hardcore crowd, thanks to its large display that makes enjoying multimedia that much more fun.

Apart from its multimedia superiority, the Galaxy S III is also the better phone if you love tinkering with the software of your mobile device. Are you of the type that is constantly looking for ways to personalize their computing devices, including their cell phone? Do you find it cool to install custom ROMs and/or overclock the processor of your handset, just to see how far you can go? If the answer to at least one of those questions is a resounding YES!, then you, our friend, absolutely need to get a Samsung Galaxy S III. We guarantee that you'll love it.

And who should get the iPhone 4S? Apparently, those guys would be the kind of users who don't really pay so much attention to their smartphone, but still want something that's contemporary and reliable. Are your needs limited to the basic phone stuff, surfing the web, occasional social network check and maybe even playing a game every now and then, but you have no intention of spending hours of rooting, flashing ROMs and searching for the ultimate widget set? Well, you guessed it you'll be better off with the iPhone 4S, as it's designed just for you, buddy.

Now, let the intelligent and level-headed discussion begin!

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 4S:


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