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Samsung Galaxy S III mini Review


There's no reason to be disappointed because the camera of the S III mini is “only” 5 megapixels. Not only does it feature a great deal of options to let you try and get the most out of the picture, but it also shoots more than decent photographs.

Pleasantly looking like the rest of the TouchWiz UI, the camera interface features all the settings that you'll find in the manufacturer's higher-tier devices, including various scene modes, effects and so on.

As we said, the photos you can take with the S III mini are more than decent. They certainly aren't top class, as one might expect, but can easily beat most of the mid-range competition, and even some of the high-end devices out there. We like how the photos stay on the smoother side, when the camera is set to its default state. That doesn't mean it lacks sharpness, but the value in this is that you get a natural-looking and noise-free image. Macro shots also turn out quite well.

A similar behavior is observed when the photos are being taken indoors. Once again, the camera prefers to sacrifice some sharpness for a smoother image that isn't plagued by noise. Using the LED flash in low-lit rooms can provide very satisfying results with decent sharpness and unusually low noise levels.

The Galaxy S III mini can record video at an up to 720p resolution. The video is OK, with a stable, smooth frame-rate of 30 fps. Do not expect wonders from it, though.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Indoor Sample Video:


You shouldn't expect anything out of the ordinary in this area. You can run pretty much any video you like on the Galaxy S III mini, and it'll play it for you, as long as you're gentle.

The music player's filtering options are in the form of tabs at the top part of the screen, and besides the standard functionality that you have in pretty much every phone nowadays, you also get a good selection of EQ presets and the Music Square feature, which lets you choose the type of music you want to listen to, based on your mood, and it'll automatically pick the best-fitting tracks for you. Basically, it's a square grid, with the horizontal axis going from passionate to joyful, and the vertical one from exciting to calm. It did work well with the tunes in our library.

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