Unfortunately, one area that did not get improved is the camera, as we’re presented with probably the same 5MP shooter that was on the Samsung Rugby Smart. Even though most images that we took outside look pleasing and have plenty of detail, occasionally the auto white balance had difficulties and gave images a blue hue. When using the camera inside, even with plenty of light, images look soft and blurry, with plenty of grain being visible. The LED flash is bright enough for taking a picture in the dark, but again you have the blue hue problem.

Recording videos remain limited to 720p resolution, but does have 30 frames-per-second. We wouldn’t mind the 720p resolution, but colors are blotchy and there are plenty of artifacts that get in the way of making the video look good. Even though this is a mid-range phone, we would like to see better.

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro Sample Video:


For listening to music, we have the same TouchWiz music player that is used by most Samsung devices, but there is plenty of functionality at its core. With the rear speaker, it’s rather average with its tone quality and volume, but there are various equalizer settings to better attune it to specific genres of music. Of course you can always plug-in a set of wired headphones, or use a wireless Bluetooth headset for improved music quality.

The device is capable of playing 720p videos and supports popular formats, including MPEG-4, H.246, DivX, and Xvid; though we were most enchanted by the saturated and punchy colors from its Super AMOLED panel. Aside from that, the experience is still worthwhile thanks to its smooth playback and overall great quality.

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