Call Quality

In terms of call quality, we wish the Galaxy Pocket Neo was a bit better. It fares slightly below average. Sound in the earpiece is sufficiently loud, but comes in with a bit of echo and is not perfectly clear, but a bit muffled.

On the other end of the line, our callers reported hearing a rumbling voice instead of clear tonality. It’s not terrible as you can still understand everything that’s said, but not clear either.

Battery life

With a 1200mAh battery, the Galaxy Pocket Neo lasts us more than two days and even three on average. The smaller size predisposes to reduced usage and maybe that’s what leaves the impression of such great longevity.

Official quoted talk time stands at the below average 6 hours on 3G, and 12.5 days on stand-by.


The Galaxy Pocket Neo is as low as Android goes right now for big brands you have actually heard of as Samsung. The off contract price of the Galaxy Pocket Neo varies between $90 - $120 in different markets, but even at such a price - lower than some feature phones - we have a hard time recommending it.

The biggest problem is that we really feel that the 3-inch display is too tiny and just cripples the Android experience a lot. Every fraction of an inch makes a difference here, and we feel like a larger display, say at least 3.5 inches in size, would make much more sense.

The Pocket Neo does not really have direct rivals in its ultra low price segment. All other Android devices from brands you know cost more. At the same time, at this price the competition comes from white box devices from China, that offer larger displays and more functionality at even lower prices.

If you really want a smartphone, we recommend saving some more money to get a device with at least a slightly larger display. Among the most affordable ones we like are devices that are a bit more expensive like the 4-inch Huawei Ascend Y300 (priced at some $120) and the 3.5-inch Sony Xperia E ($130). The 4-inch Nokia Lumia 520 (priced at around $135) is a Windows Phone 8 device that is great value for the money, if you want to experiment with another platform.

All in all, the Galaxy Pocket Neo is a device for those who insist on having a smartphone from a brand they know at the absolute lowest price. Be warned that right now this entails big compromises.


  • Most affordable Android smartphone from a brand you know
  • Mostly smooth performance


  • 3” display is extremely tiny, cripples the experience
  • Screen is also dim

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