Previewing the sample images snapped by each handset’s 8-megapixel auto-focus camera, it’s nearly indistinguishable at first to say which is the superior between the two, but after meticulously combing over them, there isn’t a definitive standout winner. In all honesty, they exhibit the same level of quality with most shots, but the LG Nitro HD is better able to compensate exposure when shooting against the sun – whereas the Galaxy Note LTE has a tendency to overexpose brighter areas. Meanwhile, indoor under artificial lighting, we prefer the punchier colors produced by the Galaxy Note LTE versus the bland tones of the Nitro HD. Either way, we’re content by the results and they’re more than worth it for a 4” x 6” print out.

Concurrently, we can say the same thing with their 1080p video recording quality seeing they share many characteristics – like their smooth recording, clear audio quality, and pleasant details. However, the LG Nitro HD exhibits more artifacing when panning very quickly, which isn’t much of an issue for the Galaxy Note LTE. Aside that one qualm, there isn’t anything particularly dramatic to justify one is supremely better than the other.

Samsung Galaxy Note LTE Sample Video:

LG Nitro HD Sample Video:


Catching the shine in our eyes, we prefer the LG Nitro HD’s music player for the single reason that it features a very glitzy looking presentation when it’s placed in landscape. Oppositely, the Galaxy Note LTE’s offering follows in line to the usual conventional approach, which lacks any significant eye candy to reel us in. Setting them at their loudest volumes, there isn’t one that’s more blistering with their tones, but overall, they’re sufficient in being pleasant sounding.

Mainly for its overly generous size, our eyes are particularly more attracted to the beautiful glow of the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE’s display when watching high-def videos. Well, you can’t count out the LG Nitro HD as well, with its fancy True HD IPS display and all, but it doesn’t quite have the allure and sheer magnitude exhibited by its rival.

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