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Samsung Galaxy Note LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S

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Samsung Galaxy Note LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S
Ehhh…we’re not all that blown away by the calling quality of either device, especially when they’re plagued by their own issues. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE is bogged by its weak sounding earpiece, while some background noise can be heard through the iPhone 4S. Fortunately, these problems aren’t annoying to the point that they make either device unusable, but they’re still items that stand out to us.

During our testing, signal strength appears to be adequate with these two beauties, but more importantly, we didn’t experience any dropped phone calls.

Even before getting started, the massive display of the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE might seem menacing enough to quickly make us believe that it’ll dissipate its battery, but we’re impressed to find it performing better than the iPhone 4S. With our normal usage, we’re able to get by close to a couple of days out of a fully charged Galaxy Note LTE under HSPA+ connectivity. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S seems to be sufficient to get us through a solid one day, but it’s in desperate need of charging before bed.


Here’s the deal people. We’re well aware that the iPhone 4S is a venerable smartphone that’s sure to continue with success, as it has done so in the past countless times, but this latest version doesn’t quite have the same level of fresh appeal found with the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE. On the flip side though, there are people that will instantly steer clear from the Note due to its intimidating posture, but that’s exactly what makes the handset so fresh and very different.

Throw in its S Pen functions, and you have a smartphone that already packs one feature that’s not available with the iPhone 4S. Nowadays, we can whip out the iPhone 4S in a crowd of people and not receive one shred of recognition. Certainly, that’s not an issue with the curious looking Galaxy Note LTE, since it’s able to somehow magically sum up conversation from random strangers. Aside from its effectiveness in garnering attention, it’s also well-endowed in various key areas to make it a formidable rival in the smartphone landscape.

Samsung Galaxy Note LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S:


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