Call quality:

Both handsets sport a pretty good call quality, with clear voices both in the earpiece, and on the receiving side. The Note II is much stronger in the earpiece, though, and with fuller sound. The noise-canceling mics on the phones do a good job at isolating the surrounding noise for the receiving end when you start to speak.


Needless to say, the larger 3,100 mAh battery on the Note II, coupled with the more frugal processor, beats the 1,800 mAh sealed unit of the One X, regardless of its smaller screen

There are no official talk times yet from Samsung, but we made one very unscientific test to check how the Note II stacks up against the Note and the Galaxy S III during the HD Super AMOLED’s most frugal consumption - video playback. We charged all three phones to 100%, put them in airplane mode, pumped up the brightness to the max, and ran the same HD video for an hour and change. At the end the Note showed 83%, the Galaxy S III showed 87%, while the Note II’s monster battery discharged only 8%, bringing it down to 92%.

The HTC One X is rated for 6 hours of video playback, and with the Note II you will likely get more than double that, but the AMOLED screen will be much more power-consuming while browsing the web, for example, since the white backgrounds rev up its display power draw.


The HTC One X has certain advantages before the Galaxy Note II, like a brighter screen and a beautiful, light and compact unibody design, but in most other aspects it gives way to Samsung’s giant. If looks are your thing, you are probably wondering how are people appearing in public with something like the Note II anyway.

Samsung’s handset has a large, beautiful HD Super AMOLED screen, too, and its way larger battery ensures much better battery life than what you will get with the One X, plus you can swap the battery, or put a microSD card in it, unlike the sealed unibody design of HTC’s phone.

When we add the number of extra functions brought around by the S Pen stylus of the Note II, it becomes a more complete package compared to the HTC One X, but only for users who are willing to go all the way up to its  size.

Samsung Galaxy Note II vs HTC One X:

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