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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2


Call Quality

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2
Phone calls made from the LG G2 sound quite pleasing. Its earpiece performs well and produces natural, crackle-free voice tones, as long as its volume isn't set to the maximum. Overall, we'd rank it as above average. Sadly, we can't say the same about its microphone, which happens to deliver loud, but somewhat artificial-sounding voices on the other sound of the line.

The Galaxy Note 3 has a powerful, yet average-sounding earpiece. Its microphone, however, does a much better job at capturing natural voice tones than the G2's, with noise reduced when that is appropriate.

Battery Life

One of the largest batteries ever packed inside a smartphone is on the Galaxy Note 3. It has a capacity of 3200mAh, which is quite a lot – definitely enough to last you through a day of heavy usage, and even two if the smartphone is used with moderation. Behind the LG G2's back plate hides a 3000mAh battery, which might be smaller, but should deliver comparable results. As a matter of fact, LG's flagship is one of the top devices on our battery benchmark test, achieving 6 hours and 48 minutes of intensive use on a single charge. The Note 3 got us only 6 hours and 8 minutes under identical conditions.


This is where we wrap things up and present you with our advice on which smartphone you should go with – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the LG G2. But in all honesty, we're split in our decision, so ultimately, the choice will depend on the needs and preferences of each and every user.

Size is the Galaxy Note 3's weakest link, but it is one of its strongest selling points at the same time. That's because even though the handset would be too large for the average consumer to comfortably handle and carry around, it rewards us with its spacious touchscreen – a touchscreen that ranks among the very best we've seen on a smartphone to date. Ultimately, all that display real estate makes the Note 3 one of the top handsets for entertainment and media consumption. Not to be forgotten is the S Pen and the boatload of productivity features loaded onto the device, optimized to work in tandem with Samsung's digital stylus.

But the LG G2 is no less amazing, and its slightly smaller, yet just as good-looking touchscreen is also suitable for any task you might imagine. At the same time, the company's flagship is much easier to wield and as a result has a higher chance at grabbing the attention of typical buyers. Or at least those who don't mind the unusual placement of its power and volume keys.

These key differences aside, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the LG G2 both are well worthy of being regarded as the cream of the crop among Android smartphones. We're pleased to say that they both excel in delivering the premium user experience and the smooth performance we've come to expect out of a contemporary high-end smartphone. They are mighty fast, pretty much equally capable from a hardware standpoint, and loaded to the brim with unique features – all traits that place them on top of the Android foodchain.


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