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Samsung Galaxy I7500 Review

Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 Review
We do not have any major gripes concerning the overall speed of the Samsung Galaxy I7500. The only issue we encountered was certain lagging when the screen switched between landscape and portrait mode, but we can live with that. The in-call quality, however, is average on both ends. Voices are realistic, but rather sharp and we found ourselves repeating whole sentences. Quality got better the more we turned down the volume, but by the time we were satisfied with it, the overall voice loudness had become way too low to allow comfort. The HTC Magic with its excellent in-call quality definitely wins over the Galaxy I7500 with this respect.


Our final verdict is that Samsung has not done its best with the Galaxy I7500. However, it still packs a good workmanship, beautiful AMOLED display and decent 5-megapixel camera. These will definitely attract followers, but some people will be dissuaded from getting the phone due to the unhandy alignment of the navigational buttons and the mediocre in-call quality. As a whole, the Samsung Galaxy I7500 stands a chance in the impending battle against the HTC Magic. But it just can´t hold a candle to the HTC Hero. It´s exactly the latter that we would pick, because it features an intuitive interface that makes Android even more easy and comfortable to handle.

Samsung Galaxy I7500 Video Review:


  • Really good display
  • The thinnest Android handset to date
  • Good camera quality
  • 3.5mm jack
  • 8GB built-in memory


  • Mediocre in-call quality
  • Unhandy navigational buttons
  • Nothing new in terms of the interface
  • Video capture at low resolutions and quality
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. sonisoe (Posts: 435; Member since: 06 May 2009)

can the phone be used as a modem ? can the bluetooth transfer/receive files ?

posted on 23 Sep 2009, 17:24

2. dandv (Posts: 3; Member since: 23 Sep 2009)

@sonisoe: Yes, see my wireless tethering section in the Android User's Howto Wiki athttp://wiki.dandascalescu.com/howtos/android#Network. I've also posted a side-by-side comparison with pictures between the Samsung Galaxy and HTC Hero: http://wiki.dandascalescu.com/reviews/gadgets/pda_phones/samsung_i7500_galaxy_vs_htc_hero

posted on 04 Oct 2009, 17:04

3. tweakerbee (Posts: 1; Member since: 04 Oct 2009)

The Hero has an abominable Calendar app. They removed the week view, and the month view does not show the sidebars like the standard Google Calendar. The worst thing is you cannot get the original Calendar app back! Samsung is right to keep the vanilla Android apps. At least they don't remove functionality like HTC.

posted on 18 Jun 2010, 12:30

4. pfm (Posts: 1; Member since: 18 Jun 2010)

I am so disappointed with Samsung about this phone I just have to warn everybody: do NOT buy it. The Samsung update software (New pc studio) from Samsung only works in windows and it doesn't detect nor update the phone. It is absolutely frustrating to have this phone for months with Android 1.5 . My personal opinion, I'll never, ever, buy a Samsung phone again.

posted on 06 Aug 2014, 18:45

5. javy108 (Posts: 1004; Member since: 27 Jul 2014)

First Galaxy device, history.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.2 inches, 320 x 480 pixels (180 ppi) AMOLED
Camera5 megapixels
Size4.53 x 2.20 x 0.47 inches
(115 x 56 x 11.9 mm)
4.02 oz  (114 g)
Battery1500 mAh, 6.5 hours talk time

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