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Samsung Galaxy Express 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Express 2

Posted: , posted by Victor H.




A fast, 5-megapixel camera delivers good images when the conditions are right.

The second-gen Galaxy Express has a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with a single LED flash on the back, and a VGA shooter on the front.

The camera app interface is great. Samsung uses the same camera UI found in its top-shelf Galaxy S4 and Note 3 devices, with all the bells and whistles of shooting modes like Panorama, Sports, Night and others,as well as a ton of manual settings like ISO, exposure, and metering to adjust. The camera opens quickly and is also relatively speedy with focusing and saving images.

The images turn out quite decent. They lack a bit in sharpness, definition, and detail, but nothing tragic, and overall are well exposed and with pleasing colors. Look at the images below to see that even with a mid-range device like the Galaxy Express 2, one could capture perfectly usable photos that capture well the spirit of the place and season (it’s winter here!).

Indoors and in-low light in general, colors are skewed and images don’t look that good. Many of the captured indoor images come with a yellowish/greyish tint all over them. The LED flash is also a bit on the weak side, not capable to fill the edges of the scene we shoot (shot from around 5 feet). When it fires, it tends to result in images that have unnaturally cold colors.

The front camera is a very basic VGA shooter that you can use for video conferencing and selfies, but the quality of the images is very low.

Video is recorded at up to 720p at a solid 30 frames per second. The quality of the recorded footage is above average, but still not outstanding. Detail is a bit on the low side, though, and the footage lacks a bit in sharpness and definition. The microphone records average audio that is okay for casual use, but nothing more, and it does picks up quite a lot of wind noise.


Great media experience with vast support for movie codecs, a rich gallery app, and a good feature-packed music player.

We like Samsung’s Gallery app with its two-column design showing your albums on the left, and your images on the right - browsing around images is quicker than on single-column designed apps. The gallery also has a pretty rich image editor allowing you to frame images, annotate them, rotate, crop and add filters, of course.

The Galaxy Express 2 features a reasonably sized display, so watching video and browsing through images is a pleasure. Samsung’s built-in video player plays back all common formats with ease, but even if you have trouble with a rare codec, you can always head to the Play Store to find a media player that will support it.

For music, you have Google Play Music and Samsung Music on board. We like both, but Samsung’s music player has a bit more settings, and it supports features like folder-based file manager for your music, something that the Google app lacks.

The Galaxy Express 2’s loudspeaker is definitely on the quiet side - it lacks the oomph you might want when playing a song, a movie or a game. We’ve gotten used to the average tinny sound on most smartphones, and the Express 2 is just as most other smartphones in regard of quality, it’s just that the volume is too low. Also, the loudspeaker is located on the back, so when you lay the device naturally on a table, sound gets muffled.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display4.5 inches, 540 x 960 pixels (245 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, Dual-core, 1700 MHz, Krait processor
1.5 GB RAM
Size5.21 x 2.59 x 0.39 inches
(132.4 x 65.8 x 9.8 mm)
4.73 oz  (134 g)

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