Samsung Galaxy Beam Review

Call quality and battery:

The Galaxy Beam delivers a pretty average call quality in the earpiece, and there is something to be desired both in terms of strength and clarity. The microphone didn’t impress as well, delivering somewhat muted and hollow voices.

Samsung rates the 2000mAh battery for the excellent 9 hours and 40 minutes of talk time in 3G mode, and we aren’t surprised, considering such a capacity is reserved usually for phones with larger HD screens and more power-hungry processors.


It is fascinating how Samsung's researchers managed to stuff all these LEDs inside the small projecting unit in the Galaxy Beam, and still achieve a watchable picture that can be blown up to 50”, as if you carry your own big-screen TV in your pocket. Naturally, the resolution and brightness can't replace a TV experience, but under the right circumstances you can definitely enjoy a movie or two on the go together with many other people sitting nearby. That's the Galaxy Beam's key feature.

To top it all off, the phone is a very good all-around Android performer with a fairly compact and appealing design, considering what’s inside. Moreover, the large battery comes in handy to deliver excellent endurance in your daily smartphone routine as well, and there is one extra battery in the box. The only big drawback is that the phone doesn’t come with the newest Android onboard.

As for the price, it costs about the same as a high-end Android handset. Considering that a separate pico projector case for your smartphone with the same nHD definition and 15 lumen specifications costs around $200, the phone actually seems priced reasonably.

All in all, just like in the case of the Nokia 808 PureView, the Beamer is in a category of its own - a niche device for enthusiasts - yet it carries the better Android OS, also doubling as a normal mid-range smartphone. Now off to phones with hologram capabilities, R&D!

Software version: XXLF3

Samsung Galaxy Beam Video Review:


  • Built-in 15 lumen pico projector
  • Large capacity battery plus a spare one in the box


  • Camera pictures oftentimes come with a yellowish overcast

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