Samsung GALAXY S I9000 Review

The Samsung GALAXY S I9000 comes with a huge 4” Super AMOLED display, significantly larger than the only other such screen on the market – the 3.3” one of the Samsung Wave. This gorgeous window to the phone's soul is hinged to another novelty from Samsung – the 1GHz Hummingbird heart of the device...
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29. gridlock

Posts: 31; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

iPhone will hold better value next year when you have to upgrade again :-)) the glaxy s is great but costs the same as the iphone on contract...

31. rtimi26

Posts: 42; Member since: Mar 16, 2009

You know I said this when they reviewed the omnia 2 long ago that yes omnia 2 has issues but functinality killed the iphone 3gs and I was hoping that this will make them even show some initiative about the screen and quality of the galaxy s compared to iphone 4. Even Engadget gave the screen comparison a draw which I believe is nice since they both have about equal pros and cons (the screen that is). Phonearena to prove your innocence. Provide a non biased comparison of the iphone 4 and galaxy s. How in the world does iphone 4 even get 9.5. Please don't tanish your image. I know you never liked touchwiz and this is why you are downgrading galaxy s. Truthfully past touchwiz wasn't developed for windows and definitely not behold II that couldn't handle the graphics but now there's a phone that can do it all without a hiccup so revise your review and make it up when you do a full comparison with the iphone 4. Oh if you have the unlocked european version there is an upgrade firmware already .

32. cristhiansaid

Posts: 30; Member since: Jun 25, 2010

GYUS i need a favor... the next week i'm going to buy a new smartphone and I am completely undecided i need a phone whith these specs: Very fast, smooth, excelente for web browser, whit decent camara, and allways perfect to watch movies and listen to music, GAMES and the most important, I don't want to experience some LAG with the software........ I have two options, which phone is better for me: THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S OR HTC DESIRE......

33. jedi5diah

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

Greetings, i can assume you are really bad at using android phones. please turn off all widgets before judging on performance, esp samsung widgets. they are poorly optimised.

34. M3rkSauce

Posts: 10; Member since: May 19, 2010

The last part of this review is not correct AT ALL. Sprints version of the galaxy s is the EPIC, it has a flash for the camera, and also has a full physical keyboard. Sprint wins the coolest phone out of the series hands down.

35. UnknownRevolution unregistered

Phonearena sucks. Too bad review.

36. Phillip Ohren unregistered

Anyone know what the hole is for above the volume rocker? I can't work it out.... Cheers Phil

37. dark unregistered

that hole is so you can attach a wrist cord.

38. ashi unregistered

Hi guys, i am really impressed with d galaxy s specs & features, but what i am really concerned abt is d reliability of d brand SAMSUNG its after sale service and resale value. I have been using d finnish born nokia for d past six yrs and am pretty much satisfied by it. NOW guys i need your opinion should i go 4 d galaxy s?????????

40. zetsubozu unregistered

I agree with majority of the other comments in that I find the 1-point difference between the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 to be more than a bit unfair. I've owned an SGS for a bit over two weeks now and, aside from the occasional REALLY annoying freeze (which I hope will be remedied by the Froyo update), I find no real fault with the phone. Oh, that, and the lack of a camera flash. Bad move there Samsung; You ought to have taken better care designing a flagship phone :)) And two other relatively minor faults I find with the SGS: First off, it's not so much that I mind the plasticky feel of the phone (I hardly mind it), but the way the back of the phone gets easily scratched/abraded kinda gets to me. I ended up dishing out extra cash for ZAGG's invisible SHIELD which, on a side note, works really well. Also, do smartphone batteries have to be conditioned the moment you get them? I'd expect that, given their phones' reputation for lasting long periods of time between charges, the Galaxy S would have performed better the first few days after purchase. In my experience, it's only now starting to last relatively long periods of time; I end up having to lug around the charger and an extra battery (just in case) every day I go out of the house XD ... Sorry for the rant. It's just that I find it a waste how Samsung's flagship fell short of overtaking the iPhone 4, given the rather poor build quality, and occasional freeze (once again, I implore Samsung to hurry and start distributing Android 2.2). Still though, given the PHP 17,000 difference (roughly 360 USD as of this moment) in price, this is a perfect alternative for those who want to save a bit when purchasing a high-end phone. P.S. In defence of the iPhone 4, I find that the UI is much smoother, in spite of the fact that both phones utilize the same processor, though the SGS's graphics card (90M triangles per second = WTH?!) definitely kicks the iPhone 4's ass. Also, barring the fact that the Android Market still has the chance to catch up (in terms of quantity, not quality) with the Apple Store, as of this moment the latter affords greater diversity in terms of applications. True, the percentage of free apps is greater on Android, however I personally find that the quality of said apps don't QUITE come up to the Apple Store's standards. (Compared applications with my iPhone 3G-using friend.) And as I have earlier stated, the iPhone 4 feels a lot sturdier in hand than the SGS. And personally, I don't get why people are obsessing so much over a few grams difference in weight. For me, a heftier phone feels a lot nicer to hold, though by no means do I have any problems with the Galaxy S's 118g. The iPhone has a camera flash: Something I really, really find lacking in the Galaxy S. Also, there's a bit of a hiccup in the Galaxy S when it comes to HD video recording (which both phones support), and slightly less detail, even in perfect lighting. Lastly, IPS-LCS versus Super AMOLED? I don't see the difference. Both are marvelous displays. I know that the S. AMOLED consumes less power than traditional LCDs (and provides impossible contrast ratios), but since both phones last for nearly the same length of time, I think it a moot point. Besides, when it comes right down to it, what people are debating about isn't the tech behind the two displays, but which they prefer between the two. In effect, you're deciding between vivid coloration [S. AMOLED] and an almost impossible ppi (pixels per inch) count [iPhone 4]. ... Sorry for taking up so much screen real estate. I just got kinda pissed that a lot of people are flaming at each other trying to shove down each others' throats that this phone's better than that, etc. Oh, and I had nothing else to do :)))) In the end, both are superb phones, and you really need to think twice when picking between the two. It comes down to personal preference. That's the long and short of it. ... My two cents XD

42. Carneiro unregistered

I am from portugal and iphone 4 is very expensive and to buy by a plan is worthless here, the prices are ridiculous for the poor service they offer. I am relutent to choose between iphone 4 16Gb (699 euros, vodafone) towards the Sgs for 215 euros ( blocked to another operator that i dont use but i can get for 215 euros and i saw in a forum that i can unlock and then lock again for warranty purposes). I have a iphone 3g ( jailbroken) and i must say the apps are the best and i think iphone in terms of apps is the best but only if u have it jailbroken. I need an opinion ... what to choose , it looks obvious by the price difference , do u think its worth to pay the 699 euros (i can get the sgs for 215)?? what bothers me a bit on the sgs is the lack of flash. Some advice would be nice :)

43. Jordan unregistered

I enjoy eating girls bums

45. Mickey Mair unregistered

Hi everyone, upgraded myself to this sleek Samsung Galaxy S i9000, after lots of research, it was a tough decision as all the similar latest models had almost similar features, the fast speed 1GB hummingbird processor, good battery life, excellent GPS features & really amazingly clear screen made me decide to select this model over others. Since almost over five weeks of usage no call drops, no phone hangs or freezes, no sync problems, has given me true satisfaction of my wise decision to pick this phone. Wi-Fi & blue tooth usage has much less battery drain compared to its competitors (no names please). Video calling is charm on this phone 'cos of 1GB processor. Radio usage reception is excellent almost always. With 32GB memory, watched "AVATAR" in HD on my i9000 and at end of it I used 50% battery - not bad eh! Amazing masterpiece created by Samsung Galaxy S team. Overall performance is excellent for my usage. My advice buy the model which suits your usage habits, this model for sure is way ahead of others per my personal research, usage & satisfaction.

47. amit_vira unregistered

does youtube videos play on galaxy s...

48. amit_vira unregistered

does youtube videos play on galaxy s...

49. lam777 unregistered

Can anyone explain how to ScreenCapture on the Galaxy S; Much appreciated

57. Rudyvikram unregistered

Press the left key and then middle (Home Key) for screen capture

58. Rudyvikram unregistered

Sorry, it is the right key....and the home key

50. lam777 unregistered

Just a transient. Maybe another time and thanks.

52. Amarilis Solis unregistered

Galaxy S is crap, buy one on June 20, 2011 and July 12, 2011 half of the screen is turned black. I have NEVER been dropped and has not wet. The worst thing is that the course provider company and its "technical" check the phone and says he has a shock and the warranty does not cover it, now want to buy the phone for more than $ 600 and I paid $ 250 initially with a two-year contract. Actually writing to advise you not to pay much money for this phone that does not work, in my case the screen went black, plus frieze screen constantly and having problems with volume. It's garbage..

53. Amarilis Solis unregistered

Galaxy S is crap, buy one on June 20, 2011 and July 12, 2011 half of the screen is turned black. I have NEVER been dropped and has not wet. The worst thing is that the course provider company and its "technical" check the phone and says he has a shock and the warranty does not cover it, now want to buy the phone for more than $ 600 and I paid $ 250 initially with a two-year contract. Actually writing to advise you not to pay much money for this phone that does not work, in my case the screen went black, plus frieze screen constantly and having problems with volume. It's garbage..

54. rowan unregistered

hello ppl i am having a few dramers with my samsung galaxy gt-i9000t when i call someone when i press call the screen goes blank but its still making call an it should go the person im calling calling them with speaker end call or send message the to stop that call have to take the cover off an take battary out to reboot is this a regalur problem an dose anyone no how to fix rowan

55. vivekgupta0505 unregistered

I bought a “Samsung Galaxy S" cost of rs.19900/- on 23rd of Aug 2011. On 25th Aug 2011 while typing SMS/Email I noticed some keys (H, Y, B) were not working at all. Also its touch not working like it was on first day. On the same day (25th Aug) I immediately meet with dealer (Spice Hot-Spot, Malviya Nagar, Main Mkt, New Delhi-17) for replacement so he told me to go to service center for this issue. In Samsung’s Service Center (Nehru Place) I asked them to replace it but they will not taking any action and said that they will only repair the phone instead of replacement. But I don’t want to use a repair phone as I purchase it on 23rd Aug and spend my 19900/- Rs. Please do some measurable action. Vivek Gupta 9953814293

56. Rudyvikram unregistered

Guys, I am facing a major issue with my fone. Had got it upgraded to 2.2 firmware from Samsuung and it just hangs whenever I try to run any application. Error message of "Not responding"- Force close.....It has been reset twice by Samsung... Can anybody help plz???????

59. Frustrated user unregistered

I have been using a samsung galaxy s for a while now and I have to say that apart from the good looks there is nothing great about the phone. It has major software issues and keeps crashing ever so often! And when that happens there is nothing one can do apart from watching helplessly as the various screens keep toggling.....even restarting the phone doesn't help sometimes. Trust me, its not what you expect when you buy a phone that costly. I think Samsung should quit making phones and stick to refrigerators instead!

60. peterdzrh

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 29, 2011

The PROBLEM is the battery, it is easily to discharge, you will not enjoy to use your GALAXY S, you needed to recharge it for more than three hours then you can use it for less than a day ha ha ha ha ha also if you need extra battery and obviously extra charger for battery it will cost too much expensive. So if you want for a longer life of your battery don't use your Galaxy phone, Okay ! HA HA HA HA HA HA.....
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