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Samsung Focus vs Samsung Captivate

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Samsung Focus vs Samsung Captivate
Calling quality on both handsets is nearly identical, but it's not to say that it's an entirely good thing. In reality, voices do sound a little hissy through the near deafening tones of their earpieces. While on the opposite end of the line, our callers did say that we sound mute and muffled in tone when using both smartphones. Thankfully, their speakerphones are able to output high level tones to make conversations quite understandable.

When so many smartphones have difficulty in just obtaining a battery life of one day, it's so rewarding to find that both Samsung smartphones accomplish feats that are almost unfathomable. Easily lasting a day of heavy usage, both handsets are the staple of what battery life performance should be with touchscreen smartphones. Furthermore, we managed to tap it out completely after two days of normal usage and setting the brightness to automatic.


If Samsung keeps on producing fantastic devices like the Samsung Captivate and Focus, there is no stopping them from creeping up to the top spot in the global scene. Even though they sport opposing platforms, the results in various categories are in fact relatively similar – and that's why they're both wonderful solutions in the smartphone realm. However, consumers that are shopping around right now are going to need to weigh the benefits offered by both platforms since they have their own unique perks. Windows Phone 7 is the newer of the two and employes a straightforward experience that's supplemented by its consistent responsiveness.  On the other hand, Android 2.1 on the Captivate still manages to impress with its personalized look, equally responsive feel, and depth of features akin to any mature platform. All in all, you really can't go wrong with either of them!

Samsung Focus vs Samsung Captivate Video Comparison:


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