Samsung Eternity II Review

Camera and Multimedia:

You really can't expect much when the Eternity II sports a lower 2-megapixel camera than the original's 3-megapixel one. Numbers aside, we're presented with a similar camera interface that adds some novel shooting modes into the mix, but relatively doesn't deviate from its functionality. Image quality with the camera is neither good or bad – especially when outdoor images had okay detail with neutral looking colors. However, the quality quickly took a dive with indoor conditions where lighting is minimal since photos taken look extremely fuzzy. When there is an abundant amount of lighting indoors, it produces better color tones, but we still find them to be hazy.

Video recording with the device is very poor, since you're offered a maximum shooting resolution of 320 x 240. Needless to say, we find videos to be extremely pixelated looking with a hint of jerkiness to them due to its slower than molasses capture rate of 14fps. Pretty? Definitely not, but should suffice for those who are more in the moment and wish to share their captured videos with others.

Wouldn't you know, but the music player is the same exact one found on the original – so much for improvements. Although the presentation remains faithful, as it'll display items such as the album cover, on-screen controls, and song information, it remains to be functional at its core. Audio from the rear speaker produces tunes that are muffled sounding, but still sharp when high notes are played. With that in mind, it's more than audible to the ear – so you'll be able to easily comprehend lyrics with no issues.

With its tolerably sized display, watching videos is more than acceptable on the handset since it was able to play a movie trailer encoded in MPEG-4 320 x 240 resolution. There were no hiccups to be seen throughout its playback – which was smooth looking overall with no instances of inconsistent performance. However, it was unable to load videos that were higher in resolution – so don't expect to watch some high definition content on this one.

For something that doesn't come packaged with a microSD card, the 246MB of internal storage on the phone should prove to be more than sizable for anyone, but of course, you can supplement it with cards up to 32GB in capacity.

Internet and Connectivity:

Like most AT&T phones, the Samsung Eternity II is a good option for the constantly moving global trotter since it has quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and tri-band UMTS (850/1900/2100 MHz) connectivity. Additionally, the phone packs Bluetooth 2.1, which will allow you to connect various devices to it, like wireless headsets, in addition to transferring files wirelessly.

With pretty much all feature phones now running the Opera Mini web browser, just like the Eternity II, you really can't complain much about the performance. Our web site took a little over a minute to fully load, but once that was done, scrolling proved to be relatively smooth with short pauses to display images. Text is automatically re-sized to fit the width of the display – so you won't have to do much horizontal scrolling to read long passes of text. Basically, you can't really knock the experience on the handset since it is more than capable of accomplishing the task with no problems. Alternatively, the handset also includes the Dolphin browser as an option which does a reasonably good job too. However, we experienced slightly longer load times since it fully downloads everything and doesn't compress data like Opera Mini. Conversely, we like the fact that it has support for Flash Lite – meaning that it loads some Flash content, but not all.


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1. jrlank unregistered

I would like to be able to extend the lengthe of time the incoming ringer lasts. I often have difficulty answering the phone before te end of the ring and the call is lost. Please help,
Eternity II
  • Display 3.0" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Battery 1000 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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