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Samsung Epic 4G vs HTC EVO 4G

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These superphones both utilize a 1GHz processor (the HTC EVO 4G uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, while Samsung uses its own Hummingbird) with 512MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM. They both fly, plain and simple. There are no hiccups, no stuttering and virtually no force closes. These are well-oiled machines and perform as such. In Quadrant testing the EVO surprisingly trounced the Epic 4G; while the Epic struggled to get over 950, the EVO 4G was regularly turning in scores over 1300- on par with the benchmark Nexus One. We expect these numbers to change once the Samsung Epic 4G gets Android 2.2.

Callers were impressed with both devices, but slightly moreso with the Epic 4G. They rated the HTC EVO 4G an 8.25/10 with their only complaint being we sounded slightly nasally. The Samsung Epic 4G got an 8.5/10 with callers saying we were just slightly better. They said we were clear on both phones despite background noise on both ends. To us it was a virtual tie; callers sounded loud, clear and natural on both the EVO and Epic.

The Epic 4G gets the win in battery life. We’ve tried several ROMs and setting tweaks with the EVO 4G but we’re still running on empty by the end of the day, sometimes sooner. As we noted in our Living With the HTC EVO 4G article it’s a fact of the phone that we’re okay with, but it’s nice to not have to carry an extra battery with the Epic.


In the end you can’t go wrong with either of these. We’re not trying to be indecisive here, but the EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S line are probably the two best choices on the market right now. The Epic is arguably the best of the Galaxy S lineup thanks to its physical keyboard and 4G connectivity. The HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G are very complimentary devices. Each phone has its own strengths that go beyond physical keyboard or full touchscreen. We suggest you check out the pair for yourself, figure out what you want to do with your phone and then bask in the awesomeness that ensues from owning either of them.

Samsung Epic 4G vs HTC EVO 4G Video Comparison:


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