Interface and Features:

Both devices run Android; the HTC EVO has been upgraded to 2.2 while the Epic 4G is still running 2.1 with a promised 2.2 upgrade in the near future. HTC and Samsung have each chosen to run their custom overlay on top of the OS; HTC uses Sense while Samsung relies on their TouchWiz 3.0 interface. Neither phone needs it really.

Born with the HTC Hero, the Sense UI initially served to address some holes in the Android OS while giving it a more polished look. Since then Android has undergone some major overhauls and those holes have been closed by Google. Sense still offers some advantages and the polish is still better than what Google offers for now. For instance, HTC’s smart dialer and People app offer much more than the stock Android experience and their cohesive set of useful widgets offers a uniform look to the phone. Still, it has a significantly larger memory footprint than stock Android and its usefulness is diminished with each Android update.

TouchWiz 3.0, on the other hand, serves to merely tinker with the operating system. Samsung utilizes four static icons at the bottom: Phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications. These are commonly used items and some users may like it, but Contacts can be accessed from the Phone, so having those two is redundant and something like the Browser would be a bit more useful. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if the user could choose what those icons were, but unlike other TouchWiz devices these cannot be customized on the Epic 4G. Samsung has put some touches on the Contacts, Dialer and Messaging apps but nothing of note. The Samsung widgets offer some functionality, but on the whole you can find a better version of everything in the Market which can’t be said for HTC’s widgets. One thing about TouchWiz 3.0 that we do like is how it transforms the main menu into several pages, rather than a vertically-scrolling list.

Thankfully Android is customizable, so if you don’t want to run either of these overlays you can change things. If you want to be drastic you can root the device and run custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, which is bone stock Android. For those of us who aren’t as adventurous there are home screen replacements such as LauncherPro and ADW Launcher. While these offer a different, customizable user experience the underlying issues with these overlays is that, at least thus far, it has delayed Android updates since the manufacturer must make their overlay play nicely with the new software. HTC did well and surprised us all by releasing 2.2 for the EVO 4G shortly after launch and Samsung has promised 2.2 soon; hopefully this is a sign that manufactures are committed to getting updates out quicker but the fact remains that updates are still delayed because of this.

Both phones are great for surfing the internet, as they rely on the stock Android browser, which is pretty good. It allows for pinch-to-zoom gestures, as well as double-tap zooming on both phones, but the EVO 4G has the advantage of playing Flash 10.1 content right now, while the Epic 4G is yet to get this ability. We actually found the experience on the EVO 4G to be a bit better, due to its larger screen and TFT technology, which is better for reading text.



1. ninjafox

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

you should mention, that the epic4g supports microusb to hdmi output. via cable (~50$), but still... I also hope that there will be cheap alternatives on ebay soon... also it looks like the pal/ntsc tv-out support of the 3,5mm jack has been disabled by software...

2. scorpio85

Posts: 160; Member since: Jan 16, 2010

The Epic is nice but I'll stick to a company that has made amazing smartphones for some time now, HTC ftw!

3. sprintlover unregistered

I don't like listening to this guys reviews. He breathes SO hard into the mic after every word he says. Its annoying. I was looking forward to watching this comparison but i seriously can't get through a full minute with him breathing like that. It might not be so bad if I didn't use headphones to hear but i do which makes his voice loud and clear. Just some advice... stop giving a speech and just talk normal. Every single one of your reviews are like this. I'm sure im not the only one to mention this so listen to your readers and at least attempt to make a move for the better. You don't have to write a speech to sound professional.

6. samedia

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 10, 2010

I totally agree...everytime I play a review and find out its this guy I just stop the video and read the review instead or I'll look for another video review

15. Evolution4G unregistered

I agree. A conversational, comfortable tone would be great. Instead we get a poorly rehearsed, slightly faltering speech. The breathing is minuscule, perhaps the aftereffect of a poorly placed mic. The real issue is the momentary, yet abrupt, pauses. They instill a burning impatience and are really, really frustrating. I made it to 50 seconds. Additionally, I'm left with the image of an overweight man, maybe with asthma? I don't mean to be rude, but it seems that one would be able to speak more than 7 or 8 words without taking a lung throttling breath. And yes, I'm retracting. I hit play again and three breaths later I was on board with Sprint lovers hyperbole "SO hard."

20. mr. droid

Posts: 278; Member since: Aug 21, 2010

who cares. you remind me of grade school girls. its free information and a great comparison. it is indepth and everything. HTC is a better phone. period. samsung phones are complete JUNK. they have never made a good one. ever. the galaxy S series is pointing in the tight direction.. but they are better than any blackberry.

4. DonkeyPunched

Posts: 321; Member since: Jan 10, 2010

I don't know if it's just me, but I have the Epic 4g and I'm extremely disappointed with the battery life. Every day I've owned it so far, it dies within 5 hours if I'm using it, but without even touching it, on standby, it lasts for only 8 hours. I've been forced to shut the phone off to save my battery, something I haven't had to do since I had my first flip phone. I've googled this as well and seen many other people run into the same problem as I have. I've used their task manager to kill apps I don't use, but even so, these apps worked perfectly fine running simultaneously on my Nexus One and didn't kill my battery life.

5. gdubb03 unregistered

did u try turning down the brightness of the screen? i too am seeing this same problem and I have turned off the brightness of the screen and continually making sure I shut down apps if I'm not using them. Kind of annoying but hell I just switched from wm and this is way better.

7. Pimpi Ken unregistered

Donkey Punched, Battery life is one of the biggest differences between cdma & gsm phones... Cdma phones are battery hogs

9. paynekiller

Posts: 152; Member since: May 24, 2010

I haven't noticed much if any difference in the battery life between my sprint phones and other phones like the G1 and a few Blackberries. Yes, in that I mean that none of them gave me impressive battery life like what I'm used to with my other SE and Nokia phones, but I think battery life is more dependent on the maker than the service provider

8. paynekiller

Posts: 152; Member since: May 24, 2010

If I wasn't still upset with my past samsung phones (including "Blade") I probably would be looking on the Epic more positively, even tho Samsung phones in my opinion were still better options that whatever else was available. But then after those samsung phones I switched to a HTC Mogul 6800 and that was pretty much it for me and Samsung and I am now a proud HTC loyalist. Great quality in most all of their phones, slick design and for however long I've owned them they didn't one day just decide to go crazy on me and start malfunctioning.

10. SenseFTW unregistered

Both the phones are incredible, but I would have to go with the EVO just because i LOVE SENSE!!

11. kopiejr unregistered

Why is the bar at the bottom of Sense flat, not curved and a little bit translucent? Mine's not like that...

12. 313 unregistered

SenseFTW, he is either showing a rooted EVO with a custom interface, or running a third-party launcher program such as LauncherPro or SweeterHome. Without rooting or downloading additional programs, if you can find "Launcher2.apk", a file for android, you will be able to run stock froyo and have the basic lay out with 5 screens

13. dbrandt unregistered

Hello, I just received an Evo last week. Is anyone else noticing a washed out screen? And it has been locking up on me alot. I had the Hero and I really liked it. I was thinking of switching to the Epic but am reluctant because I heard that Samsung isn't the greatest company and their phones don't stack up to the competition. I also use the camera alot. I am not happy wth the quality of the camera. I am a one device person. I had the palm pre and it took magnificent pics. A sprint rep told me its because the Evo is using HD quality. Should I switch? Is the epic a much better phone? How is the reception with the epic? I roam at work, so I need it to be able to pick up the roaming ability. The Evo does a decent job. Please help. I am spending a lot of money, I want what is the best for my money now. DJ

14. LP71

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 07, 2009

I can't really say its a fair comparison of functionality until they both are running FROYO. Then we can have a better say on which is truly better of the 2 phones which are both phenomenal in my opinion. They should have waited before doing this comparison.

16. Gadgetsage unregistered

Add to this the fact that the HTC EVO which I currently have after trying N1, nokia n900, HTC HD2 (disaster, avoid at all costs), Samsung vibrant, that the HDMI out simply does not work, HTC tech support says it's a known issue, and that they will be pushing out a software fix for it "soon" but would not name a date or ETA

17. Gadgetsage unregistered

Add to this the fact that the HTC EVO which I currently have after trying N1, nokia n900, HTC HD2 (disaster, avoid at all costs), Samsung vibrant, that the HDMI out simply does not work, HTC tech support says it's a known issue, and that they will be pushing out a software fix for it "soon" but would not name a date or ETA, and the pretty dismal camera on the EVO, and I would have to choose the Samsung (it can be rooted to froyo). Even when (no wait, scratch that, IF) the HDMI is made to work, it will only show videos, slideshows, etc., NOT the actual screen of your phone, which means no external monitor capability that I thought I was getting. Think I'll call the sprint store and switch to the Epic. Settings to make the camera work well enough to capture a document and make it legible; NOTE* SCROLL DOWN TO “RESET TO DEFAULT”, or simply leave contrast at middle/average to not get a black and white picture when you want to quickly snap a photo. This is the sort of time-consuming fiddling I thought I'd left behind with my palm treo 755p. Never went to the Pre, I was waiting for them to make a man-sized phone (EVO). I like solving puzzles, but I don't like wasting time, thus I think I'm dumping the EVO for the Epic. metering; average exposure/ bright;+2 (flash off) (variable depending on light, +1-2 indoors) contrast; +2 (max) saturation; -2 (minimum) sharpness; 0 (neutral, no +/- adj) effect; none white balance; flourescent seems to result in sharpest & brightest pictures of documents (under flourescent light indoors anyway where this extensive testing was done, outside in daylight may be different) resolution;8mpixels (I previously felt 5mp was optimum, that the light-gathering chip was overwhelmed by the massive amount of data, but at least for documents, 8 seems to be sharpest) iso;auto (actually, I didn’t test other iso settings, because of an unwillingness to have to fiddle with exposure times in search of 1% gains in picture clarity endlessly dependent upon light level, thereby wasting more time from my life and driving myself bonkers)

18. hmzevo unregistered

Please learn how to take pics if you are gonna review this ..... press and hold on what you want the camera to focus on.... my pics always look better than this

19. ChristianH unregistered

"it also used Samsung's new SuperAMOLED (pause) technology it also has 16 million colors which makes eveything seem more (slight pause) dark, v-vibrant and crisp. (BIG BREATH) LMAO

21. Stewart unregistered

I doubt they had the latest OTA update from Sprint for the Evo released a week ago. With the new update I can easily get 2 days out of the phone with no charge, this weekend I hit a new milestone of 3 days.

24. toddjamesforet unregistered

and then, you had WIFI on, think if you DIDNT have it on.

22. stalform unregistered

actually the Ford gt 40 beat Ferrari 4 years in a row in the lemans race back in the 60's

23. storminator17

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 28, 2010

actually the Ford gt 40 beat Ferrari 4 years in a row in the Lemans race in Italy back in the 60's, and aston martin is owned by Ford motor company. a better analogy would have been "Not a Ferrari and a Daewoo"

25. katerina unregistered

guys can you please help me i dont know what fone to pic the evo or the epic these r my requirements : 1. a batterey that doesnt run out fast. 2. a phone thats better to txt in class 3. a camera that is really good and kicks butt cuz i love takin pics 4. a phone that doesnt have a washed out screen 5. i want to be able to have a signature at the end of my txts i dont feeel like writting it over and over 6. i would love to have a keyboard 7. i want the fone that is fastest i hear both the evo and the epic are really good fones then i hear that samsung company has sucky fones then i hear wow the epic is a really good phone who wouldnt love it alomost on every website i have been on to compare both fones they say that the epic is better but my cuzin has the evo and it looks really nice but i think its to big for me i think they said it was 6 pounds like come on foreal anyways ummm but what im woundering is what does the evo have that the epic doesnt please help me u guys i also think both phones r cool but i want the one that isnt gonna have alot of problems please please help me it's a hard decision please reply back im stuck :(

29. J.O. unregistered

katerina, if you need a Keyboard (physical), then the Epic is your solely choice.

26. katerina unregistered

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is the epic bettter cuz thats all i have been hearing

27. katerina unregistered

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo is the epic bettter cuz thhats all i have been hearing

28. J.O. unregistered

katerina, if you need a Keyboard (physical), then the Epic is your solely choice.

30. sportymic

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 24, 2012

Im going to try the epic because i have had it with the evo...freezes up errors,drops calls.have to take the batt out two three times a day....if the epic dont work im done with cell phones period........the evo is a piece of ----......went thru 3 phones to have enough of the evo......very unhappy customer....

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