We're moving into an age where smartphone users are becoming more social than ever; especially when social networking sites are deeply ingrained with the integration of modern smartphones. Honestly, we're getting to that point where most people will easily prefer keeping their usual point & shoot camera at home in favor of using their handset. These three devices surely are the best in bringing that movement into full force as they are able to undeniably produce stunning looking images that even blow away some entry-level dedicated digital cameras out there.

When it comes down to overall quality, with most people simply wanting to instantly shoot photos without the hassle of choosing specific settings, the iPhone 4 still seems to take the crown. Not only does it work insanely good in low lighting conditions, which the other handsets failed in doing, HDR photos are there for backup to clean up shots that reveal additional details.

However, some people would rather have something that's more balanced – and that reward would have to go to the Samsung Epic 4G. By far, it proves to have a well rounded mix of features and performance to provide versed camera users a level of flexibility to cater to specific conditions.

Finally, the Motorola DROID X might not have been able to keep with the with Epic and iPhone 4 in terms of quality, but when comparing it to devices on Big Red's lineup, it still shines brightly. Plus its massive screen will make it a joy to view photos and watch videos on the go.

Here's a table showing how each handset performs in each category. The best handset in a category receives three points, while the worst performing gets only one. The "Overall" column sums us the results from all categories.

CameraphoneInterface Landscape and outdoor Video Night Indoor Flash Macro Overall
Epic 4G
3 pt
3 pt
2 pt1 pt2 pt3 pt2 pt16 pt
iPhone 4
1 pt
2 pt
3 pt3 pt3 pt1 pt3 pt16 pt
2 pt
3 pt
1 pt2 pt1 pt2 pt1 pt12 pt

Samsung Epic 4G vs Apple iPhone 4 vs Motorola DROID X - the camera comparison:

UPDATE: You can now read our Samsung Galaxy S II vs LG Optimus 2X vs Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4 Camera Comparison!

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