Macro Shots:

If it's fine detail that you wish to capture, then macro shots are the kinds of thing you'll want to look at when gauging how close you can shoot an object while still retaining some sharpness to your images. We took photos of flowers up close and personal both indoors under artificial light and outdoors in the glory of the sun. Touch focus surely has a leg up in this department solely due to its relative ease of clicking an area anywhere on-screen to instantly auto-focus. The iPhone 4 and Samsung Epic 4G didn't have any problems snapping up images in close proximity to their lens as they produces some wonderful fine-looking pieces of art. In the first image with the yellow flower, not only is it sharp in detail, but colors are still magnificently reproduced as we see some vibrant tones between the two. Although it looks like the DROID X can still focus in on objects at a reasonable distance, the results from its macro shot wasn't quite to the same level found with the other two. Sure it's closer to the flower, but as you can tell, it doesn't necessarily capture the intricate details of the flower – plus colors seemed to lack the correct saturation level.

The last set of macro shots we took were also indoors under bright lights with the shell encrusted box. From a cursory look between the three, the iPhone 4's regular shot was able to produce the most natural looking colors while still being able to focus in on a specific area. Detail is more than abundant with the iPhone, as with the Epic 4G, but the colors greatly differ from one another. With the Epic, is looks slightly more overcast in tone which is also evident in the shot taken by the DROID X. Thankfully, all three are able to blur out the Gameboy Pocket in the background to considerably place all of the attention squarely on the shell box.

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