Indoor Shots:

Whenever there are situations where lighting might not prove to be the most abundant, we see the iPhone 4 hard at work in painting the best looking images. In the images of a bar constructed out of ice, you can tell that the colors tones between the handsets vary differently at a moderate level. Starting with the Motorola DROID X, it stands alone at one end of the spectrum with its subtle color tones, which in fact, looks somewhat pale, but is able to capture some details that are missing on the shots with the other two. The Epic 4G is perfectly content in the middle with its nicer looking colors over the DROID X, but like the iPhone 4, it loses some detail in the ice bar due to the slight increase in exposure. Finally, the iPhone 4 presents us with the most natural looking colors, but as we stated already, misses the mark in terms of fine detail found on the ice bar. However, the HDR image manages to rub off some of that over-exposure in the ice bar to reveal the definitive words of “Holiday Spectacular” residing on it.

In the deepest confines of a restaurant bar, you can see that you lose complete visibility with the image produced by the Motorola DROID X – though, you can still make out the computer terminal at the bar. It only gets slightly better with the results from the Epic 4G, but still makes it rather difficult to visualize any detail. Thankfully, the iPhone 4 is able to produce a tolerable shot that's able to shed light on some of the things missing with the other two. But of course, the HDR image complete overhauls the entire environment as it looks more illuminated over its rivals.

The same quality can be seen with the image taken of a painting at the wall of the same restaurant. With the iPhone 4's HDR image, we are able to see every nook and cranny – despite the lack of lighting at the restaurant.

To test out the strength of the flash on each handset, we took images at various distances from our subject in complete darkness. Now what we like about the Samsung Epic 4G in this area is that it will turn on the flash as you attempt to slightly press down the shutter key – this of course happens as it will try to focus in correctly. Once it is able to get it just right, you press it down to take the shot with the flash on. This of course is the process you'd want to see happen when you're trying to take shots in dark, but the iPhone 4 completely throws you in the dark; literally! Instead of turning on the flash to gauge the focus level, it appears as though that it happens the moment the flash slightly turns on – which is for a brief moment before illuminating to its brightest. As for the Motorola DROID X, it mimics the Epic's process as it'll turn on the flash momentarily while trying to focus.

When it comes down to quality, we definitely like the images produced with the Epic 4G since it's neither under or overexposed. It's perfectly balanced between the three while still retaining some good detail and accurate looking colors.

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