Samsung Epic 4G vs Apple iPhone 4 vs Motorola DROID X - the camera comparison

Late afternoon:

As we began to take additional photos toward the late afternoon and close to the evening, we see in another image with a small fountain in front of a restaurant, that all three look extremely close to one another. However, some clarity is lost in the fountain when you look closer to the images taken with the iPhone4 and Epic 4G – while the DROID X manages to retain some detail with the fountain. Colors lacked any vibrancy in the scenery which is mainly due to the lower amount of natural lighting present in the shots – which doesn't indicate a clear cut winner. When looking at the HDR image, we see a similarity with the DROID X as you can visibly see the individual streams of water emanating from the fountain.

To top it off, we took two consecutive shots close at dusk of a library with a small open area with trees next to it. When you zoom into the shot of the large sign on the front of a building indicating that it's a library, you can see that the iPhone 4 is still able to produce slightly more detail which can be found with the clearer looking “Princeton Public Library” sign. Plus, you can see also that the brick columns of the library have a sharper appearance to them over the DROID X and Epic 4G. Actually, the best shot was captured with the HDR image which distinctly increases the exposure to reveal additional detail unseen with the other shots, although, the whole shot does look rather noisy upon a closer look.

Night Shots:

For this one, we took a shot of a building at the night which was illuminated with various light sources. We see that both the iPhone 4 and Epic 4G closely resemble one another as we notice a nearly identical color production from both. Not too far away, the Motorola DROID X does look almost the same as the other two, but you can tell that its colors are faintly washed out looking. Still, it's a nice looking image if you look at all three from a far distance. Upon closer inspection, specifically the area above the arched railing where the light is illuminating what appears to be a lookout area, you lose all of the detail in that area due to the lights shining from within it. Though, the HDR photo once again clears up the shot to reveal plenty of detail that was unseen previously. This is just another example at how the iPhone 4's HDR images compensate the original shot to better substantiate the missing details hidden amongst the photo.

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