Interface and Software:

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch runs Android 2.3.4 with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface on top of it. The official specs list it as 3.0, but when compared to our TouchWiz 4.0 walkthrough it sure looks to be the latest version of Samsung’s custom UI. We reached out to them for clarification but all we got was that it “features an improved Samsung TouchWiz user interface.” Either way, it looks and acts like TouchWiz 4.0 so checkout the above walkthrough for an in-depth look at the user experience.

TouchWiz gets better with each iteration and does offer some nice widgets that take advantage of the extra screen space on the Epic 4G Touch, but we also can’t say we’d be sorry if the overlay was accidentally left off of the phone. The good news is that the Epic 4G Touch doesn’t seem hindered by the overlay and the phone runs through everything lightning quick. In fact, no matter what we did with the Epic 4G Touch we couldn’t get it to stutter or hang up on us.

The included software is a pretty standard mix of Google apps and manufacturer add-ons. Thankfully most of the bloatware is uninstallable, and there are some useful applications like Samsung’s Kies Air and a full version of N.O.V.A. 2 HD. Kies Air is similar to Motorola’s Phone Portal app in that it allows you to transfer data between your phone and computer over a Wi-Fi network. Samsung also includes their Media Hub for movie and TV show rental and purchase and the AllShare app which lets the phone play nicely with other DLNA devices around your house.  Samsung has tapped Vlingo for its voice action software.

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