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Samsung Diva S7070 Review

Samsung Diva S7070

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Performance and Conclusion:

Samsung Diva S7070 Review
Unfortunately, the Samsung Diva S7070 does not offer exceptional in-call quality. During the tests, our callers sounded muted and voice clarity was plagued by excessive environmental noise that did not prevent us from being able to understand really, but proved to be most annoying indeed. People on the other end were not particularly happy either and stated they would have been unable to tell who called them if they had to rely on recognizing the voice only. It´s a good thing the handset shows you who the caller is.

According to the manufacturer, the battery is marvellously robust. It should be able to provide up to 10 hrs of continuous talk time and keep your handset operational for about 33 days in stand-by. We couldn’t test the battery after several full charging cycles, but all told, it´s true the handset doesn’t give up easily.

As a whole, there is nothing brilliant about the Samsung Diva... except for its spectacular, pearly back and „diamond” on the front side. The outward appearance of the handset is supposed to be its major strength, but all ladies we polled claimed they didn’t like it. Still, there is no accounting for taste and everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so we won´t pass any judgement here.

In terms of overall functionality, the Diva is pretty similar to the Samsung Corby S3650. This means the device delivers all the basics and should be able to meet the needs of people opting for a feature phone. Unfortunately, the Samsung Diva S7070 is substantially more expensive than the Corby, which does not make it irresistibly attractive from a financial standpoint and neither does it bode well for its future. Ultimately, we consider the Samsung Lindy M5650 and LG Pop GD510 better alternatives, unless you happen to be totally, utterly, fatally in love with its looks.

Samsung Diva S7070 Video Review:


  • Offbeat overall look
  • Very good audio playback quality
  • Extremely robust battery


  • Gets dirty quite easily, but sold without a pouch
  • Lacks enough functions for women
  • Bad in-call quality
  • Overly expensive for what it delivers
  • Mediocre camera
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posted on 01 May 2011, 14:03

1. BHARATH (unregistered)

hi friends

Samsung Diva,tis mobile looking and performance is very good.me also first time think tis is gud r not but after i take tis vv v good...

posted on 15 Aug 2011, 16:53

2. yasmine (unregistered)

i love this phone but sometimes i do not use it and i don't know why but i love the samsung diva the way i has got a diamond on the middle in the phone and i also like the back of it because every phone hasn't got that they're all straights but the samsund dica is a very beautiful phone i love it so if you dont know which phone to buy it is better if you buy the samsung diva.

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Display2.8 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (143 ppi) TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Size3.98 x 2.16 x 0.53 inches
(101 x 54.8 x 13.4 mm)
3.32 oz  (94 g)
Battery960 mAh, 10 hours talk time

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