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Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)

Samsung SGH-D415

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Text Messages

Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Main SMS
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
new SMS
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)

Text messaging has been around for a long time and this functionally has been perfected in most devices. D415 supports long text messages – up to 918 characters (long message is broken down into several small ones and which are sent separately). Everything you would expect from a good text messaging application is available on the D415 – templates, T9 predictive text input, and ability to attached phonebook number, bookmarks or adding objects like sounds or picture. The phone's capacity is 200 messages with around 35 additional that can be saved on the SIM card.

Picture Messages / MMS

Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Adding content to
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
MMS memory status

Since I had to find a way to transfer the pictures that I took with D415 to my PC, I started looking for the easiest way. If it was my trustworthy Nokia 3650, I would have used Bluetooth to do his. D415 and a matter of fact – all Samsung phones lack it (except the recently announced D500). I could not use Infrared since my PC does not have an IR port. I was left with three options – email, picture messages or cable. The package that Samsung sent me lacked software so the cable solution wasn't feasible. I decided to use MMS and send it to an email address. It worked like a charm. The only back draw is that I could attach only one picture per MMS, but still Samsung MMS implementation was easy to use.

Voice Notes

Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)
Voice Note
Samsung D415 review (SGH-D415)

I do not get is. Voice Notes for Samsung means recording your voice and sending it via MMS. D415 Voice Notes CAN NOT be saved on the phone and listened to later. If you want to save your notes, you have to go under Organizer / Voice Memo. I find this setup pretty confusing. If you still like it, Voice Notes / Memo can be up to 30 seconds each.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display176 x 220 pixels TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size3.84 x 1.91 x 0.94 inches
(97 x 48 x 24 mm)
4.09 oz  (115 g)
Battery900 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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