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Samsung Continuum vs Samsung Fascinate

Posted: , by John V.



Samsung Continuum vs Samsung Fascinate
Calling quality for the two smartphones is exceptionally satisfactory as voices on both ends of the line have a natural and distinct tone to them. Even more, it's not muddied at all with any evidence of interference or background noise. When using the speakerphones, it's noticeable that the Continuum's two rear speakers aid in producing some moderately deeper tones, which, however, sound distorted at times. However, dropping the volume down a couple of notches will remedy the issue.

During our testing, we came across a few occasions when the signal strength of the Fascinate was painstakingly less than what's see on the Continuum. Luckily, we still didn't experience any dropped calls with either devices while placing phone calls in high coverage areas.

Continuing on the same path as other Galaxy S devices we've checked out on other carriers, the batteries of the Continuum and Fascinate offer a high level of output from a single charge. In fact, both devices managed to put out 7 hours of continuous talk time before requiring a charge. And as for daily usage, it'll easily last a solid 24 hours of normal usage before it's required to be connected to a wall charger.


To put it lightly, being the newer handset on the block seemingly has its benefits as it provides manufacturers the opportunity to make corrections and improvements to currently existing handsets on the market. And with that in mind, it's the solid reason why the Samsung Continuum is the better choice as it establishes some improved performance in some key areas over the Fascinate. Even though it might seem that the ticker display is being incorporated lightly to some aspects of the phone, the functionality it has to offer right now is more than alluring versus what's out there. When they're both priced at $200 with a contract, there is no arguing that the Samsung Continuum is the clear choice winner for the time being, that is, in case you are not in love with the Samsung Fascinate's 4” beauty.

Samsung Continuum vs Samsung Fascinate Video Comparison:


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posted on 17 Jul 2011, 21:43

1. hey26 (unregistered)

i strongly agree! :) go continuum!!!! =D

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