The included Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor is fast, humming along at 1GHz speed. There was no delay when moving between the 7 home screens, as well as opening apps and switching between them. There is also 2GB of memory on-board, which is used for saving your apps, and also has 512MB of ROM and 384MB of RAM. We are glad to see a preinstalled 8GB microSDHC memory card to provide plenty of room to store your pictures, music, and videos. We preformed the Quadrant Benchmark on the Continuum, which tests the CPU, memory, I/O, 2D and 3D graphics, and got a score of 850, while the Fascinate got 892, and the Motorola DROID X with Android 2.2 got 1410. It appears that the Continuum and Fascinate are slower with the I/O tests, and we’ve heard that this may actually be some type of bug, but for the Graphics tests it was the fastest and showed up to 50-60fps.

We are also glad to hear that the Continuum is just as good with call quality as the Fascinate, as there was no background noise or echoes, and voices were clear and produced natural tones. The speakerphone on the Continuum was noticeably louder due to the two rear speakers, but it experienced some distortion at its highest level, so we had to turn it down a bit for it to sound clearer. Reception on the Continuum was also quite good, with 3-4 bars showing and with a signal of -89 dBm, while the Fascinate wasn’t as good with -96dBm, though the Motorola DROID X was in the middle with a signal of -94 dBm. But regardless, we didn’t drop any calls while using these phones.

The included 1500mAh battery with the Continuum is rated to provide up to 7 hours of talk time or 13 days of standby time on a full charge. During our testing, we were able to achieve the 7 hours of continuous talk time (same as on the Fascinate), though the Motorola DROID X is still king here with 9.5 hours of talk time. For mixed usage, which includes some talk, text, email, web, app use, and standby, we were able to get about a full 24 hours of use on the Continuum and Fascinate, while the DROID X got up to 32 hours.


With all things considered, there’s a lot to like about the Samsung Continuum – the dual Super AMOLED displays, fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP autofocus camera with 720p video recording, superb music and video playback, and excellent call quality and reception. Even though the current thinking of “a larger display is better” when it comes to a phone’s screen size, it can make the phone feel too big and uncomfortable in most people’s hand, and that’s why we like the Continuum a bit more than the Fascinate – as it’s a nice size that most people will be comfortable with. But it’s good that there’s a choice between them, and with the DROID X, for those who do want a bigger phone with a larger display.

Software on tested device: Android 2.1, Build: DJ20

Samsung Continuum Video Review:


  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Dual Super AMOLED displays
  • Fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor
  • Stereo speakers for good music playback
  • Above average call quality


  • Can’t replace the Bing search widget with Google
  • Back of the phone feels slippery

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