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Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Posted: , posted by John V.


Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Calling quality was just the same on both handsets as they were average at best as voices sounded muffled on the Captivate while static noises can be heard on the iPhone 4. When it comes to raw power, the Captivate's earpiece emitted some stronger tunes which made conversations a little bit easier to comprehend in areas that are noisy. Just like playing music, the Captivate's speaker was clearly stronger, but screechy sounding at the highest volume level. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4's speaker phone volume was obviously lower, but still manageable when it comes to distinguishing conversations.

Using the smartphones in the same exact location, the Captivate generally displayed one less bar than what's seen on the iPhone 4. In any respect, we didn't notice the Captivate drop any of our calls or data connections to the network. Although we did experience bars fluctuating on the iPhone 4 when holding it on the lower left corner, this did not degrade calling quality or cut out our connection to the network.

Implementing a larger capacity battery over the previous iPhone 3GS model, the iPhone 4 managed to present a longer battery life against the host of Android phones we've pitted it against. Finally, we have a true competitor with the Samsung Captivate as it managed to beat our expectation. We've all heard about how Super AMOLED technology provides for a lower power consumption on paper, but our testing in real life situations made us believe it to be true. Setting both handsets to automatic brightness and using them heavily, the iPhone 4 was able to live at least a day, but it was almost to the 20 percent mark by the time our day was up. However, the Samsung Captivate was only at 50 percent battery life after a full day of heavy usage. Taking into consideration that you can extend it by lowering he brightness and turning off non-essentials like GPS, we wouldn't be surprised to see this get 3 days on heavy usage.


AT&T customers will no longer have to resort to siding with mid-range Android offerings as the Samsung Captivate easily leaves all of its competition in the dust. It definitely has the hardware to make the iPhone 4 sweat in its tracks as the Captivate offers a responsive interface, gorgeous Super AMOLED display, and one battery life that's truly amazing. At the same time, TouchWiz 3.0 overlaying Android 2.1 is a refreshingly new experience for AT&T customers as it's able to provide users with a myriad of useful information directly from one area – plus it just looks so good! However, the iPhone 4 continues to excel in the camera department as both its photo and video capturing prowess are unbeatable. In addition, Apple's finest is still backed by a rich, industry-leading catalog of apps and games.

Some may have believed that Android's presence on AT&T would've been limited due mostly to their partnership with Apple, but the Samsung Captivate breaks down the barriers and easily stares down the iPhone 4 at the same level in a broad range of categories. Priced accordingly at $199.99 for each handset, it'll be one difficult decision for any one to make – but to tell you the truth, both are wonderful solutions that you won't regret.

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