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Samsung C3530 Review

Interface and Functionality:

If you had a deja vu reading so far, this part will do nothing to relieve you of that feeling as there really is nothing new in the interface as well. The phone runs fast, it is customizable with themes – and that wraps up most of the functionality. Okay, we should also mention that there is a dedicated chat client in the face of Palringo, and basic Facebook/Twitter apps are also there. The small screen is not of much use when it comes to reading, and maybe that is the reason why Office document support was left out.

Just as in the good old times, there is a lot of pre-loaded games, however most of them are just demos. Pac-Man and Asphalt 4 stand out as the most prominent time eaters, but unfortunately these are also in their demo versions. For some more content, you could still pay a visit to the Samsung Apps section.

Multimedia and Camera:

The Samsung C3530 is touted as a great music player and we found sound quality to be very good. With the support of up to 16 GB of memory, and physical buttons as controls, the music player is definitely usable. The 3.5 mm jack will let you plug in your favorite headphones, but even though stable do not expect something extraordinary here either, mind-blowing basses are definitely out of the question. The loudspeaker ranks above average with great volume.

We consider video playback on a 2.2 inch screen an enthusiasts' game and we certainly are such as we tested all kinds of videos on the C3530, but it only managed to play MPEG-4 files encoded in its native resolution or lower.

The 3.2 MP auto-focus camera comes with no flash. We took it for a run in cloudy weather and found it to perform just above average. Colors were accurately reproduced, with enough detail, but dynamic range was not so good. Video recording is there, but with a QCIF resolution of 220 x 176 pixels at just 15 fps, you would do yourself a favor if you skip on video recording.

Internet and Connectivity:

Web browsing on a 2.2 inch screen is a painful experience, but if you really need to check out something on the go with this phone, there is EDGE support and a basic built-in browser that you navigate with the D-pad. Nevertheless we liked that the pages load relatively fast and zooming with the volume rocker aligns text accurately.

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