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Samsung B2700 Review

Samsung B2700 7

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Interface and Features:

Samsung has provided the B2700 with a simple interface which works fast and smooth, without any lag between menu transitions. The phone also features a theme creator for greater personalization options.

Samsung B2700 Review
Samsung B2700 Review
Samsung B2700 Review

Phonebook - Samsung B2700 Review


The phonebook has a specific, yet quite simple design. It’s divided into two tabs: one for Contacts, and another for Groups. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search for a contact by his/her last name.

The B2700 has all the standard organizer functions like calendar, alarms, tasks, world clock, units converter, calculator and so on. The calendar allows for three different view types: Month, Week and Day. It lets you organize your day by giving you an option to choose whether a certain event to be an appointment, an anniversary, a holiday, an important or a private note. The rest of the functions are also pretty standard, so we’ll pay more attention to the non-traditional features.

Organizer functions - Samsung B2700 Review
Organizer functions - Samsung B2700 Review

Organizer functions

To begin with, the B2700 has a flashlight that’s powerful enough to help you navigate through a small dark room. For those of you that are firmly determined to lose some weight by walking, the phone is equipped with a pedometer, which isn’t perfectly accurate, but will still be able to give you a result that’s comparatively close to the real one. You also have a compass, equipped with an altimeter. However, there is a calibration procedure which looks a bit weird – you have to rotate the phone in the way that’s being shown on the screen, which is really confusing. As a whole, we aren’t sure how accurate it may be and that’s why we don’t advise you to go too deep in the woods, relying only on the compass of your B2700.

Pedometer - Samsung B2700 Review
Samsung B2700 Review
Compass - Samsung B2700 Review
Calibration procedure - Samsung B2700 Review




Calibration procedure

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. stinkz (Posts: 1; Member since: 15 Apr 2009)

Great phone!!!! had it three months now, and cant fault it. i am a powdercoater by trade. deals with very fine dusty particals (think of flour in the air), day in and day out. Previous phone (6110n)had to be pulled apart and cleaned every night! didnt last 6 months. Not with this baby, clean as the day i bought it, no powder anywhere in the battery compartment or under the sim. I am also an avid 4wd enthusist and this thing has been dropped in mud and all sorts, love just bein able to rinse it off. not great on the features, but one hell of a tough phone!

posted on 25 Sep 2011, 13:46

2. Wang (unregistered)

I have use many of samsung mobile phone the most I like was the B2100,I go on Biking trips..where i have to get wet, dusty,sometime drop phone from my hand,,but my b2100 always fulfill my needs..., on one such trip i lost n later i went to buy a new pair but,the dealer info me that the production was stop n they had newer version B2700 but, this time its was not waterproof or schookproof just water n shock resistent only.this new b2700 too, is giving gud result but not as gud as the b2100.since 1999 i hve used moe than 15 sets of Mobile phones mostly Nokia Made but, many of them slip off my hand n during journey or at home n got damage but, lastly i was happy to find B2100.though i had to negotiate with its sftware config. but,i had secondary phone lock in a protactive safe.I hve seen New Samsung Xcover which is very much of my choice..so, i want to have more detail on it, or if Samsung is preparing for mare latest version of such Tough High End Phones.

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Display1.9 inches, 176 x 220 pixels (148 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size4.53 x 2.05 x 0.71 inches
(115 x 52 x 18 mm)
4.02 oz  (114 g)
Battery1300 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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