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Samsung Alias U740 Review

Samsung SCH-U740

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team



Most modern cell phones now come equipped with an internal antenna, and the U740 is no exception. The RF reception was quite good, as long as we were in adequate coverage areas. While in fringe areas, we experienced several dropped calls and occasionally no signal. The overall voice quality was clear and easy to understand. However, there is a noticeable “hiss” sound in the background that can be heard. We were unsure as to why this “hiss” sound was there, but it was noticeable during all calls. We can only assume that this is a design flaw with the U740, since some other phones do this as well.

The included 800mAh battery is a far cry from the 1000mAh battery comes with the A990. This was probably done to help reduce the overall size and weight of the U740. With the 800mAh battery on the U740, we were able to get 3Hr of Talk Time or 5 Days of Standby Time. This is in comparison to the 3.5Hr Talk Time or 8 Days of Standby Time that Samsung claims the U740 will get while using the included battery.


After reviewing the LG enV, we had high hopes for the competing Samsung U740, since both devices offer a QWERTY keypad. Unfortunately, we came away from the U740 with a feeling that Samsung dropped the ball when designing this phone. The U740 shares none of the “high end” features found on the enV, and even the QWERTY keypad is difficult to use. The camera is only 1.3MP, the internal display is not QVGA, the stereo speakers are distorted at high volumes, and the keypad buttons are tiny and crammed together. The call reception and voice quality were good, but was hampered by a constant “hiss” sound in the background. The only feature that we believe the U740 has going for it is the slim size and weight, but this smaller size comes at the cost of a QWERTY keypad that is almost unusable for heavy text message users. Given a choice between the U740 and enV, and with close prices, we believe the enV is the clear winner. We sincerely hope that Samsung will address these issue if they are planning a newer version of this phone.
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  • Slim dimensions and weight
  • Dual hinge design
  • Internal Antenna
  • MP3/WMA Music Player with Touch Sensitive Control Buttons
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroSD Card Slot


  • Internal Display is only 176x220, Not QVGA
  • QWERTY buttons are small and cramped to closely together
  • Camera is only 1.3MP
  • Stereo Speakers sound distorted when playing Ringtones/Speakerphone/MP3 at high volume
  • Background “hiss” sound during phone calls
  • No Stereo Bluetooth A2DP support
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. bubba (unregistered)

this is not samsungs first attempt at a phone with a qwerty keyboard on it...remember the samsung d307

posted on 01 Oct 2007, 12:49

2. Vagabundus (unregistered)

Why the comparison to the more expensive EnV? Of course the EnV is better in most of these categories: That's why it is twice the size, heavier and more expensive. How about comparisons with some other models--to give a better feel for where the phone "sits" in terms of all available phones. I haven't used this phone, but the review feels like a hatchet job, similar to comparing the W385 to many other phones that clearly outclass it. For example, would someone be better off with this phone than with the phones priced less? How does it stack up against phones its same size and weight? Good points, but the frequent comparisons to the EnV seem a bit over the top, especially when taken with reviews of other phones where such a big deal is made over the size and weight of the phone.

posted on 21 Mar 2008, 21:45

3. Tara (unregistered)

I recently purchased the Allias and I like it. The keyboard is small, but for the price versus that of the EnV...I can't complain.

posted on 23 Mar 2008, 22:13

4. Andy (unregistered)

I have the Alias and it's very good. I found the EnV too big to fit comfortably in my pocket. The keyboard is small, but you get used to using it very quickly. If you have big hands you probably will have more trouble with it. I wouldn't use it if you plan on texting 50 times a day, but I can check and respond to my emails easily.

posted on 14 Apr 2008, 01:38

5. Jazen (unregistered)

I bought a used U740 as my work phone (I own a Voyager but I do custodial) and I can honestly see where Samsung was going with it. It can be such a great phone! BUT there's so many bugs and UI issues that makes one wonder how Samsung (or Verizon) made such a mess. I won't compare it to the enV or Voyager, since the features aren't up to the same bar. But I do feel the enV is a more stable phone

posted on 04 Jul 2008, 21:49

6. Comment (unregistered)

I purchased the U740 to take advantage of the Vcast pack for the Internet. Over all the phone is good. Yes the phone with the full keyboard is awsome. There are # of bad points I've noticed with it over the past month of using it. There is no camera button on the side, the view of the picture on the phone after it's saved sucks, and the battery drains fast when in low cover areas. The good points of this phone. Speaker phone when the phone is closed works (unlike most of the LG phones), a 4 gig micro sd card is supported at this time (8 gig is the max with a future software upgrade), love the cam corder with audio, and Internet usage for mapquest is good. Overall I would not get rid of this phone anytime soon.

posted on 22 Jul 2008, 01:37

7. (unregistered)

really? a 6.4 because it's not as good as the env? obviously they've never noticed what an ugly beast the env is because this phone is like half the size and infinitely better looking, I've had this phone for like a year and a half and it's really been great, the keys are a little small and I can see that being a problem for a lot of people but i think at least half the population (including me) has fingers small enough to use it completely comfortably, they're very well designed as well as small keys go and i almost never have problems where i hit the wrong key, the only problems i have are that it is pretty hard to dial numbers when it's opened like a normal phone and over time the keys leave little scratches on the screen from hitting it every time you close the phone, well my main problem is that the verizon UI sucks but that's the same on the env, so yeah if you have rather small fingers i would definitely say this is a good enV alternative phone and i really don't regret getting it, the enV 2s look a lot better than the originals though so those wouldn't be a bad choice either in my opinion

posted on 29 Sep 2008, 12:47

8. jess_jane1318 (Posts: 1; Member since: 29 Sep 2008)

i have had the samsung u740 (alias) since December 2007. it has given me nothing but Trouble! i am not rough with my phones but i do expect them to work well and this one hasn't worked well at all. the 1st one i had only connected to alltel towers... messed up right. so they gave me a new one. 2nd one would shut off on me constantly. i told them about it and they sent me a new one 3rd one did the same as the second. 4th one is turning off on me the hinge is so lose it feels as if it will fall off at any time and it will not send any pix or fix messages even with 2 to 3 bars of 1x and ev service. this phone is junk! it has proven to be more of a hassle then what it is worth and it is very unreliable! i would advise anyone agaisnt buying this phone. not worth the hassle it put you through, and definitely not worth the money.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 17:10

9. LoveTheAlias (unregistered)

I've had the Alias since May 2007 ... a year and a half ... and I LOVE IT!!! Why in all of the pages of review is there no mention of the speech-to-text ability of this phone? Seems like this site did nothing but knock the phone, comparing it to the clunkly, heavy, and U-G-L-Y enV ... yet all my friends with the enV envy me!! Texting is great on it, I have NO trouble with the keyboard ... you'd have to have really thick fingers to have much trouble with the size of the keys. The mp3 player on it is great .. I don't have an ipod or any other mp3 player and this phone is the reason why!! The double flip hinge is very very sturdy, even after a year and a half of my friends and I constantly playing with its double flip. The battery has held up well for me, and being away from family and friends, and using it as my mp3 player for work-outs, I use the battery A LOT. The reception is great, the sound quality is great. Really the only complaint I had with the phone was having to go out and get earbuds with a special connector for the phone, but I got those on ebay for about $6 with shipping so no biggie. The only other thing I can possibly think of is that when someone borrows it for the first time to make a call, it is a little overwhelming to them trying to distinguish the number keys amongst all the other keys; but once you look at it for a second, it goes back to awing them in amazement and enV ;) There may be the iphone and lg shine and blah blah blah out there, but I will be keeping this phone for a whole lot longer because I am nowhere close to being sick of it. BEST PHONE I'VE EVER OWNED AND I LOVE IT!!

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PhoneArena rating:
Display176 x 220 pixels TFT
Camera1.3 megapixels
Size3.84 x 2.04 x 0.58 inches
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3.60 oz  (102 g)
Battery800 mAh, 3.5 hours talk time

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