The Ace has 96MB of RAM and 192MB of ROM which makes it run noticeably smoother than the Q family.  The menu navigation is quick and snappy, and there is no lag after button presses.  While this may be the norm for Samsung devices, it is a welcome rarity in the Windows Mobile world.  It also supports microSD expansion up to 2GB.

We were pleased with the reception on the Ace.  We had no issues making and holding calls, and voice quality was good.  Voice reproduction was realistic, and the caller on the other end sounded natural and reported the same of us.  Bluetooth performance was not as stellar, as users complained that we sounded “distant and faint,” to the point they could not hear us at times.  We achieved a few minutes more than the battery’s rated 4.3 hours of talk time.  It is rated for up to 10 days of standby, but as with any Smartphone this can be drastically impacted by things like email and other data intensive applications.

Unfortunately our budget doesn’t allow for miscellaneous trips to Europe, so we were unable to test the GSM service.  Switching between CDMA and GSM is extremely easy however, simply go to Service Mode from the Start Menu and toggle modes.  For users opting to use Sprint’s international plan there is an Internal Usage shortcut in the Start Menu, giving users a quick rundown of what they need to do.


Overall the Ace is a very strong entry from Samsung, but the exclusion of Office Mobile is very curious and it loses some points for the keyboard design.  Other than that the Ace stacks up well with other Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices.  Being a world phone is a major bonus, with even more points for an unlocked SIM slot.  As we have come to expect from Samsung the build quality is top notch.  While we did not care for the keyboard, those with small hands and fingers may appreciate the narrowness.  For those looking for a Windows Mobile world phone the Ace is a good bet, though we don’t expect it will steal many sales from the BlackBerry 8830.


  • Dual mode CDMA/GSM for international use
  • Small form factor
  • Bright, crisp screen
  • Unlocked SIM
  • More memory than most WM6 Standard devices
  • Ultimate customization and endless third party support for WM6


  • Keyboard is cramped and keys are odd shaped
  • No Office Mobile
  • No GPS

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1. KS unregistered

Samsung ace is the dumbest "Smart" PHone there is. I have been using this piece of junk for about two months now and it is the worst combination of phone and operating system you can ever get. Phone freezes all the time. Forget surfing the web and checking emails - this phone cant even make and receive normal phone calls properly. The lag -delay when you press a key and the point where the key actually responds is way too much - something like working on a 20 year computer. MSFT did a poor job on the windows mobile operating system. Worst phone ever.
  • Display 2.3" 320 x 240 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 1300 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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