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Samsung ATIV Tab Review

Samsung ATIV Tab

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The Samsung ATIV Tab is equipped with a pair of cameras – a 5-megapixel one on the back, with auto-focus and an LED flash, and a 2MP front-facing cam for video chats and the occasional self portrait. As our samples demonstrate, the quality of the photos taken with the main snapper is quite okay – outdoor shots exhibit proper color balance and a decent amount of detail, which makes them good enough to display on the tablet's screen or share with the world on Facebook, although you probably should not be putting any of them in a frame. Indoor photos, however, are of mediocre quality even though the flash fills the frame well. Macros? Forget about it – all our close-ups turned out not in focus. Videos can be taken in up to 720p, but despite the HD resolution, they are somewhat low on detail.

The interface itself is extremely limited and leaves a lot of room for improvement. Basically, the most advanced feature that you get is a timer, and the only setting available is adjusting the photo's resolution. Tapping anywhere on the screen takes a photo, and that is pretty much it. No tap to focus, no filters or effects, no panorama mode, no shooting scenes, literally nothing more.

Samsung ATIV Tab Sample Video:

Samsung ATIV Tab Indoor Sample Video:


Transferring files onto an Android tablet using a data cable is done by hooking the device up to a computer and putting it in “mass storage” mode. With the Samsung ATIV Tab, this process is a bit different as that mode is not available. Loading your digital music collection onto it requires a little technical know-how, although it is still a pretty straightforward process. We copied a few albums on a USB drive and then moved them to the tablet's Music folder, but alternatively, music and video can also be accessed over Wi-Fi in case you happen to have a media server running.

The default music player gets the job done, but using it just doesn't feel right. You see, it doubles as a store, allowing you to explore new content and purchase additional music for your library. That's cool and all, but we really wish there was a way to simply interact with locally stored audio only, instead of having to deal with an app that screams “Buy more music!” in your face.

There is no separate volume slider for media files and system notifications, just a single one that adjusts the volume across the system. When the music is playing in the background, playback controls are available at a push of the volume rocker. A feature that we are thankful for is the player's ability to retrieve music data, including album art, for music that isn't organized too well.

In a similar fashion, the video player allows users to rent or buy movies and TV shows. Due to the screen's size and aspect ratio, watching movies on the ATIV Tab is actually a very pleasant experience. Moreover, most of the video file formats that we tried loading were playable, with the exception of MKV files. For some reason, however, the audio in our 1080p samples was lagging behind the video, so we recommend sticking to 720p videos.

Multimedia on the Samsung ATIV Tab - Samsung ATIV Tab Review
Multimedia on the Samsung ATIV Tab - Samsung ATIV Tab Review
Multimedia on the Samsung ATIV Tab - Samsung ATIV Tab Review
Multimedia on the Samsung ATIV Tab - Samsung ATIV Tab Review

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Display10.1 inches, 1366 x 768 pixels (155 ppi) LCD
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