Call quality

The Windows Phone 8X managed to score an easy win against the ATIV S in the call quality department, as the ATIV S isn't really an opponent to worry about in this department. This goes for both incoming and outgoing calls. The noise-cancellation features of both handsets work very well, though.

Even though the HTC Windows Phone 8X is supposed to have a special amplifier boosting the volume of sounds coming through both the 3.5 mm jack and speaker, we found the speaker of the Samsung ATIV S to be audibly louder. It's also clearer thanks to more high frequencies, while the 8X's sound is somewhat more muffled.


Both the ATIV S and Windows Phone 8X hold up well when it comes to battery life. No official stand-by and talk-time numbers have been revealed, but we found them to be good enough to easily deliver at least two days of moderate usage. Of course, it will all depend on multiple factors like the network you're using it own, your coverage, your usage pattern and so on.


When it's all said and done, it's extremely difficult to name one of these handsets a definite winner. Like in many other times when we've compared two smartphones, it'll all depend on your personal preferences, but it is exactly here where we come in.

Let's just say that if you happen to be a bit more sensitive towards different materials, there's a good chance that you might prefer the ATIV S's smooth and glossy plastic housing as opposed to the 8X's soft-touch one, which can house dust and other unpleasant stuff.

Also, if you are a really heavy multimedia user who watches a lot of video on their phone, it is once again the ATIV S that seems to be the more appropriate option, thanks to its 4.8” screen. On the other hand, call and screen quality seem to be the areas where the Windows Phone 8X excels.

So, which of these components should be considered most important? Well, this is where you come in.

Software version of the reviewed units:
ATIV S: OS version 8.0.9900.568, Firmware 2424.12.09.7
Windows Phone8X: OS version 8.0.9903.10, Firmware 1532.20.10001.401

Samsung ATIV S vs HTC Windows Phone 8X:

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