Do not expect to find any differences in the camera interfaces of the two handsets. When it comes to picture quality, though, there are some differences that can be found pretty easily. For starters, the 8X takes somewhat sharper photos, making it possible to discern fine details more easily. Meanwhile, though, the ATIV S has a slight advantage in terms of colors, as its images look just a tad more realistic.

Video recording is pretty similar, with both faring fine and having mediocre sound quality. Overall, we prefer the video quality of the 8X, since it seems to be more naturally-exposed, whereas the ATIV S makes things a bit too bright.

Samsung ATIV S Sample Video:

HTC Windows Phone 8X Sample Video:

Samsung ATIV S Indoor Sample Video:

HTC Windows Phone 8X Indoor Sample Video:


Multimedia-wise, we'd say that the ATIV S is the slightly better option, especially if you like watching a lot of video or playing a lot of games, due to the larger screen. For other things like listening to music, the 8X features HTC's Beats Audio technology, but it will all come down to the quality of earphones you're using.

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