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Samsung A560 Review

Samsung SPH-A560

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Battery Life: This phone is rated to be around 198 minutes talk time. After my testing I got around 160. Standby time I got around 2-3 days with minimal uses (alarm clock in the morning)

Reception: I was not impressed, nor was I depressed by the reception. It is about average I would say. I have had a few Sprint phones, and the bad areas for Sprint, are the bad areas for the A560

Call Quality: I could hear the caller very well on both ends. I tested this by having another person use the phone. When I had the phone, the caller sounded great. The volume of the headset was good as well.

Speakerphone: I did enjoy using the speakerphone. I could not use it going down the freeway with windows down, but it came in handy. On both ends, it sounded all right.


The A560 would personally never satisfy my quench for a cell phone. Keep in mind that I do have a lot of experience with cell phones and demand only the best. The areas that the phone fell short in my review may have no interest for you whatsoever! It is a very simple phone, therefore, it is very easy to use. It is a great started phone for someone who is uncomfortable using cell phones.

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  • Durability
  • Ease of Use (Simplicity)
  • Build quality
  • Call quality  


  • Hard to press keypad
  • No external screen
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8.73 Reviews

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Display128 x 160 pixels STN
Size3.50 x 1.80 x 1.00 inches
(89 x 46 x 25 mm)
3.58 oz  (102 g)

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