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Samsung A560 Review

Samsung SPH-A560

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As I have alluded to before, this phone really lacks features! Even though it is on the Sprint network, it does not have not even have PCS Vision. I am an avid user of the mobile web to check sports scores, weather, and the latest headlines. From the headset itself, it gives you no way of even downloading new games, tones, or utilities for your phone.

The ring tones were definitely loud on this phone! If you have the volume turned all the way, there almost no way that you could missed a call. Even in a vehicle, with the windows down, driving at 70 MPH, I could hear it fine. The factory ring tones were halfway decent. You would have to enjoy the factory ring tones because there is no way of downloading new tones to this phone!

Samsung A560 Review
Vibrate mode on this phone is very powerful. I never missed a call due to a weak vibration. I will actually say that the a590 has one of best vibrate modes on the market.   

I liked the “Launch Pad.” With this feature, you are able to switch around the shortcuts on the navigational pad.

Samsung A560 Review
Samsung also equipped the a560 with an a featured called the “Icon Glossary.” All this does is give you a brief description of what each icon at the top of the screen signifies.

Samsung A560 Review
The a590 does have a feature that disables the phone's cellular capabilities. This feature is called “Airplane Mode.” This is especially useful when you need to check your calendar during a flight.

Samsung A560 Review

I found text messaging to be very frustrating. It is not the text input method (t9), but the keyboard truly ruins it! The keys are so difficult to press that I would not even want to respond to people when they sent me messages. There are no special features included for the messaging. There is no access to any email or even an AIM client to chat!

The text input does not allow you to add your own words, but it does remember certain words that you have entered in the recent past.

Samsung A560 Review
Samsung A560 Review
Samsung A560 Review

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