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Samsung A560 Review

Samsung SPH-A560

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There is no front display on this phone. I do not like the fact that you must depend on a blinking service light (see above) to find out any info about your phone! This may just be a preference, but I feel that it is almost essential nowadays.

The main screen leaves much to be desired. It has 65k colors; this is very low especially compared to some phones on the market today that are around 262k! The colors did not really have much depth either. In the daylight, it was somewhat difficult to see. This is usually true for a lot of phones with color screens.

Samsung A560 Review

The Samsung A560 definitely has a lack of features (which I will discuss later), but this also makes for a simple menu. The simplicity of these menus will definitely attract some new users to it! Whenever I needed to find something, it was fairly simple to find. Again, as most phones, you can choose an icon style or a text style.

Samsung A560 Review
Samsung A560 Review
Call History: This menu item is very self-explanatory. You can view up to 20 numbers in the past for your outgoing, incoming, and missed calls.

Samsung A560 Review
Samsung A560 Review

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Display128 x 160 pixels STN
Size3.50 x 1.80 x 1.00 inches
(89 x 46 x 25 mm)
3.58 oz  (102 g)

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