Listening to our callers through the earpiece, we’re glad to say that voices have a neutral, yet distinctive tone to them with its accompanying ample volume. However, our callers can’t say the same thing since voices have a robotic tone on their end of the line. Moreover, we’re not convinced with the sounds produced by the handset’s speakerphone - we’re able to comprehend most words that are uttered but voices are more muffled in tone .
Signal strength appears to be solid with the BlackBerry Torch 9810 since it’s able to put up a healthy set of bars in high coverage areas within the greater Philadelphia region during our testing.

Not surprisingly, BlackBerry smartphones are heavily known far and wide for offering stellar battery life thanks to their optimization and push support. And rightfully so, the Torch 9810 continues the streak with its better than average results. In our testing, we got 8.3 hours of continuous talk time out of a full charge, which is better than the 5.9 hours rated by the manufacturer. Furthermore, we’re pleased with its everyday performance seeing that it’s able to last a solid one day of heavy usage that consists of plenty of web surfing, emailing, texting, and the occasional phone call.


In all honesty, this is exactly what the original model should’ve been like from the beginning.
In an age of dual-cores, the 1.2GHz single-core CPU of the Torch 9810 isn’t quite as captivating, and combining the fact that it recycles the original’s design in every way, it lacks any WOW factor. Besides the faster performance of OS 7 that we’re seeing, there’s nothing dramatically different or new to warrant existing Torch 9800 owners to make the jump. Unfortunately, BlackBerry Torch 9810 is a device that’s already behind the curve from day one.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
BlackBerry OS version:  v7.0.0.261

RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review:


  • Much more responsive platform experience
  • Vastly superior web browsing performance


  • Recycled design
  • Not enough new features with OS 7
  • Outdated right from the start

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