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Calling quality is surprisingly pretty good on both ends of the line as voices sound distinct and clear – but there is a static sound that can be heard on our end. Aside from that one minor hiccup, it really didn't deter us from being able to distinguish our conversations. As far as the earpiece is concerned, it might not exhibit the strongest tones, but it's more than acceptable to still make out words. Switching to the speakerphone, it produces some deep tones that aren't muddied down with any distortion.

During our testing in the greater Philadelphia region, we didn't experience any dropped calls as it's able to retain a great connection to the network in high coverage areas.

When you think of smartphones and battery life, the first thing to come into mind is BlackBerry – and the Pearl 3G doesn't disappoint in that regard. After charging it up completely, we were able to place a continuous phone call of 6 hours and 15 minutes before it completely discharged. That's pretty good when you consider that the manufacturer has it rated for 5 hours of talk and 432 hours of standby. In daily usage, the BlackBerry Pearl 3G does an admirable job in optimizing battery life to max.


If there is one target audience that the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G is targeting, then it's none other than entry-level users looking to move up to a smartphone. Naturally, the Pearl 3G perfectly fills the gap in making the transition smooth and without over-complicating things. The updated looking handset is definitely a sight for sore eyes, especially when it's more than over due at this point, but there isn't anything too eye catching with it to catapult it over the competition.

However, the biggest question mark is its $99.99 contract price which is rather on the high side compared to similar offerings from the competition. For $50 more, you jump up to the respectable BlackBerry Curve 3G. While the $79.99 Motorola FLIPOUT offers some advantages with its full QWERTY and convenient touchscreen. Sure it's definitely a good handset and operates well, but it would've been nice to see it priced lower to gain some competitive edge.

Software version of the reviewed unit: v5.0.0.921

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G Video Review:


  • Updated & modern design
  • Nice looking display
  • Great battery life


  • Pricey for its category
  • Fuzzy looking images with its camera

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